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Day Trip - Cape Fear Kite Festival in Cape Fear (Kure Beach), NC

Today, Zabrina and I decided to take a day trip to Cape Fear for the Kite Festival. The drive was about 2.5 hours and we arrived at about 10.30. The web site stated this is “the last professional kite event of the season”, I wasn’t even aware one could make a career of flying kites or perhaps I would have selected this one the eBay thing.   The wind was a little too weak for the really big kites to come out and play and never really picked up as the day progressed, although some good efforts. There were tons of people, a band and food and brewery trucks and tents. Around 1pm, we opted to head to Wilmington and walk around, a great coastal college town. We pulled up our bar stools at Anne Bonny’s for some cocktails and food. It’s basically a bar and grill on a permanently docked old ferry. The vibe was casual, food and drinks good and just what we were looking for. A good day, we needed that. John

SecondMoonshot takes a Cat Nap (lingering effects of COVID)

We were lucky enough to get COVID this week and lets just say it was not asymptomatic. Mostly all ok now, but just to be on the safe side, Sydney and I took a well needed cat nap after hitting a few estate sales. John

Day Trip - Hanging Rock State Park, Hillbilly Hide-a-way Restaurant and Danbury NC

Sunday, Zabrina and I decided to take a day trip and head up to Hanging Rock State Park by Danbury NC. We went to the Welcome Center area for parking and took the initial gentle hike to Hanging Rock which got a bit harder, but not to bad, probably 4 or so miles total. Some spectacular views to be had for sure and then we went and took a short hike to one of the less-than-spectacular waterfalls.  After we finished hiking, we decided to go over and get a bite to eat at Hillbilly Hide-a-way Restauran t. We went there 3 or so years ago and the claim to fame for this place is that Billy Ray Cyrus had eaten here and I think played on occasion at the music hall in the rear. We were told by the owner that she and her daughter had followed Billy Ray and Miley around on tour for a long time, maybe a full tour or something…so they have pictures of the Cyrus family all over around the register.  For some reason, the food seemed like it was better 3 years ago, not that it was bad, just perhaps we