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Custom Picture Framing Update

Over the last few months, I have invested in some new equipment that will allow some new capabilities on wooden frames, offer more consistent results in mat board cutting, and more clearly set expectations on pricing and options. Frame Recovery and Reduction First things first. I realized that even with 100s of frames, that by itself, still provides limited options to any specific piece to be framed. It has to be in the appropriate style, color and in an appropriate size. Even with the first few customers, I noticed that while I had a lot of frames, it just wasn’t working. I needed to be able to provide more flexibility yet still leverage the large inventory of used high quality frames on the market via auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, and who knows where else. To this end, I decided I would start doing frame reduction on wood frames (not metal). I would remove the miter joints, cut them down to proper size for a piece of interest and then glue and V-nail them together. It’s a Lo

Custom Framing Price List (Work in Progress)

This is a draft of my price list for custom framing. It is a work in progress and feedback welcome. An example pricing for a small piece, using recovered wood frame and glass (no resizing), single one opening mat would be $18, medium $34, and large $53. Costing is composed of a frame, glass, mat board and finishing. Custom Framing Price List - Last Update 9/2022 Description Small up to 16” x 20” Medium up to 20” x 32” Large up to 32” x 40” Notes *** FRAME *** Frame - Wood - Recovered 3 5 10 Frame - Metal - Recovered 5 9 13 May have some limitations on certain sizes. Most common are black and gold. Frame - New Call Call Call Frame Resizing Charge (Wood Only) - Recovered Only 15 15 15 Takes 1-2 hours, disassemble, miter, glue, then V-nail. Frame must be a minimum 1” longer an all dimensions. *** GLASS *** Includes cutting Glass - Single strength - Recovered 4 7 10 Free of defects Glass - Single strength - New Call Call Call Glass - UV Single strength - New Call Call Call *** MAT BOARD **

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #3

Here is the third volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #2 . For pricing information, go  here . Hiroyuki Tajima (Japanese, 1911-1984) “Capricious Red” Abstract Woodcut 1976. Got this at Rummage Warehouse and a great barn find. Had a good Japanese frame available in right size and replaced glass and new matting and backing. Sold quickly on eBay   Got this pair of signed Japanese prints at OMT auction as well. One had glass broke and matting needed to be replaced. Went with a double mat beige outer and black inner. Really liking the new mat board cutter and getting nice clean corners, also tweaked alignment for accuracy and was effective. These are the original frames, but had to re-glue some corners, they had nails in them already so opted to not use the V -nails. Used the heavier dark gray backing paper. Everything is acid free on this. For sale on eBay here . Got this at OMT auction for a few dollars, just on cardboard but liked it, was dated 1976. Found an older fram