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SecondMoonshot Font and New Kiss Sticker

Carrie (our VP of Branding) has been working on some new computer design skills and refining them for almost a year now and is near completion of a custom font called “SecondMoonshot”. Our original vision was to maintain the hand drawn theme similar to our logo and this font is 100% made up from her own print handwriting. Creating fonts is much more complex than it sounds and she had to overcome several challenges. This week during a road trip, she pulled out her iPad and she filled in some missing characters we wanted and this will be our v1 version. She’s making a few final tweaks and the SecondMoonshot logo is even one of the characters! Our intent is to use this font for our printed materials such as the company info inset sheet which I put into every package shipped. Then we were looking to get a new kiss sticker (from which I use to also include with hanging hardware for any framing job or picture sold. This work is top level professional work and very excited ab

Some of My Favorite Car Photographs

Just a few of my favorite things. 1976 Porsche 911S Signature Edition 1986 Porsche 944 / 951 Turbo 2016 Porsche 911 4S Carrera 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Launch Edition (SOLD) John

SecondMoonshot Storage/Warehouse Update #5

While I was leaving the storage unit/warehouse today, I saw a larger 15’ x 30’ unit (No climate control) become available and jumped on it to upgrade my current 10’ x 30’. This will be to store 2 cars but also an expansion opportunity to put some inventory in there which doesn’t require climate control. Additionally, I can clear out some of my woodworking tools out of our garage and make a framing workshop in there as well, giving me about 150 sqft to play with. It’s 2 buildings over and a short stroll from the other unit. The best part is it has TWO roll up doors so I can get either car out without having to move the other car, maybe I’ll drive Goldie more than once a year now.  The reason I only use this facility is the presence of power in all units. I can put a light bulb adapter in the light and plug in my battery trickle chargers and light electricals.  Life is Good. John

Life Lessons

I thought a good use of my next post would be to get down on paper (or blog) my key takeaways in life. I am sure most of them I have attempted to pass on to my children verbally, but apparently never really stuck. My thinking is that I will put it on the Internet, and then they will somehow find it, and since everything on the Internet is true, there is probably a better chance they will take these things seriously.  Some of these will be common sense, some will be lessons that took me 50+ years to grasp, and still others are lessons I have learned, but still trying to apply them on a daily basis. No order other than the random order I recalled them. #1 - If you say your going to do something, do it.  A high “say-do” ratio is a sticking point for me and one that I starting taking as a key value in my life at around 40 years of age. My classic example of this in action is my Washer & Dryer Commitment blog post which goes into detail. I am also a realist and sometimes things just do

Cosco Run Yields 32 Cardboard Sheets!

I am always looking for cardboard and while I can often find people giving away boxes for free, ideally I like to use large flat sheets to make large custom boxes and they work really well for picture boxes.  We started to get the cardboard sheets at Costco that they use to separate the layers of merchandise on the pallets. Usually getting a dozen was a good pull but today came up with 32. I think I will talk with the management and see if I can get on the list to take some off their hands on a regular basis. They don’t ever question me taking them and usually find a lot in the metal box bins so pretty sure they just throw them away.  John