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Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #4

Here is the fourth volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #3 . For pricing information, go  here . The smallest thing I have framed at 4” x 6”, the frame was a nice wood one I got at Jerry’s. The mat was a little tricky to cut due to size. This was for a neighbor. Not for sale. A simple nice print I picked up at auction by Suanne Wamsley, “Proud Mama”, just did a partial refresh on it and changed the frame out, new backing board, dust cover and new hardware. We got some new classier frame stickers and this is the second time using it. Not for sale. Nothing with any monetary value but a sentimental value gift that was given to Zabrina from a close friend as a Christmas gift. Her intention was to have a printout of a Google Map on the back to reference the documented location and I just put glass over the back and a mat and some surround covering to make more attractive. Not for sale I did this one for a long time friend which she needed quick turnaround 2 or 3 days. Frame

YouTube Video How-To: DIY Free Book Media Mailers / Box

I have been looking for a better safer and more professional looking DIY free book mailer I can make from available free cardboard boxes and stock. I worked out this method which I think came out well and offers lots of protection and can be used for albums, puzzles and anything that is generally ridges and square or rectangular. Hope you find this useful.  I have made a few changes to the design, primarily to not have the seam in the middle but have it cover the front (or back) completely, that way the tape goes on the edge and have an additional 1” which goes under the front flap. This makes it look much cleaner, easier to seal and a nice blank space for your shipping label. I used this design to ship a signed art print which I wanted to ship flat with the mat board. It worked better than any packing option I have used prior and super rigid. Once you get the hang of the dimension offsets, it looks truly professional. And a finished book ready to ship. John

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #3

Here is the third volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #2 . For pricing information, go  here . This was an inexpensive but nice picture my daughter bought at auction that needed a new dust cover and hanging hardware. A really nice multi medium sea gull signed short run print, love it. This is a few framing projects for some of our auction friends. The map picture has glass on both sides so they can show the back if desired. Was a hand-made frame and there is a second one that is larger. Turned out to be more work than expected, but came out good. My amateur PhotoShop skills accidentally removed their heads. Not for sale. This was just a quick frame I made from a recovered cut down frame for a print Zabrina liked. Not for sale. Hiroyuki Tajima (Japanese, 1911-1984) “Capricious Red” Abstract Woodcut 1976. Got this at Rummage Warehouse and a great barn find. Had a good Japanese frame available in right size and replaced glass and new matting and backing. Sold quickly on