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Fletcher 8400 Glass and Material Cutter - Put into Action with Custom Mobile Stand

I have put most of the equipment from my big purchase of Framing equipment and supplies into use except for an Oval and Circle Cutter, a Chronomat Mat Cutter, and a Fletcher 8400 Series Glass and Material Cutter. The Oval and Circle Cutter will stay stored until I have a need for it, but not a commonly used piece of equipment.  The Chronomat Mat Cutter is a 48” variety and older. Logan bought either the company or the product and branded as their high-end professional grade Platinum Edge line. I bought a Platinum Edge 850 40” last year and just love it. I’ll keep the Chronomat in case I need the extra length and as a backup and some of the parts are interchangeable which could come in handy one day. The Fletcher 8400 Series Glass and Material Cutter is an older one but like so much framing equipment, age doesn’t really matter, mostly condition. It has enough extra cutters and blades to last beyond my need. I have been brainstorming how I can get it into use. The challenge is that my wo

SecondMoonshot Vision Statement

Exceed customer expectations in Quality, Design and Value. Treat every object being framed as if it were priceless and irreplaceable. Always do the right thing. Carrie asked me “What do you mean by ‘Always do the right thing’?”. I think I mean to make good decisions which always have the customers and employees (when I get one) best interest in mind. Don’t try to defend one’s self if a customer isn’t satisfied, but focus on making it right. Be accountable to your actions and words.