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Moon Photos - Waning Super Moon - June 22, 2022

From Brevard, NC. Waning Super Moon of June.  John

Lunch at Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard, NC

Decided to take a drive up to Brevard where my wife and daughter are doing a girls week getaway in Brevard, NC. Also meeting a friend on Sunday to go do a few hours of driving around. I had one SecondMoonshot sticker left in my wallet, so added it to the wall. Cool place. Guess I should be prepared for a spike in sales on Sunday! John

New Business Cards!

I just ordered new business cards from  They have a business card sized sticker which I can use as a business card or as a sticker for applying to back of my framing work. I have been using Avery labels but those won’t stand the test of time and the new ones are glossy UV coated. Should get them in in a week or two. Got them in and used the first on on my first paying framing job (well, I assume they will pay). John

SecondMoonshot Storage/Warehouse Update #4

Some minor upgrades to warehouse (storage unit) courtesy of One Man’s Treasure (OMT).  Cool vintage toolbox for my framing tools.  Nice Modelo wall decor. Need to find a mini fridge next I guess. Tape moistener not from OMT, but from Amazon (cheapest one they had, not cheap), so I can use the branded moisten and stick reinforced tape that my VP of Branding and Marketing got. That’s water, not Vodka (any more)…Burnett’s rules.  Got these little stackable metal shelves for simple storage. Got the table for $1 and with some reinforcement underneath and hardboard covering, will do nicely and like the added height over the folding table. Some recent overall pictures: I go through a lot of bubble wrap. Each shelving unit gets a letter assigned and combined with shelf number, becomes the location I store at the end of the item description, I.e. “C3”. Notice everything is lightly wrapped to prevent damaged costs a little more, but worth it to me. I don’t have WiFi at the unit, but the HP direc

Free Shipping Supplies - An Extreme Example

If you have been reading some of my blog entries regarding shipping, you will have recognized I am very cost conscious. Today, Z and I went to Costco for a few weekly groceries and I got heavily distracted by the large blank cardboard sheets between the product layers on the pallets. I ended up with 17 sheets only to realize that we had driven the Porsche 911 and had no way to get them home without folding. So folding we proceeded to do, and of course I had a great up front parking spot so attracted a few chuckles from the peanut crowdI’m sure. I will use these for backing boards and when I need a custom box, mat board backing sheets for the Logan cutter, or book backing blanks. Again, these were free. The Costco clerk told me as we approached the register they were $1 a piece…yeah, funny lady…she got me.  Ok, I kind of look homeless. Sorry, this is me, for better or for worse…currently for worse. An even more extreme example, fortunately we had the SUV this time, probably 20+ sheets.

UPS and USPS Damaged Shipment Log for 2022, 2023, and 2024 - Last Updated February 17, 2024

I am going to use this to document damaged shipments going forward. I went back and found a few other damaged shipping items and added them to cover all of 2022 and 2023. Almost all damage is via UPS Ground. Considering moving to FedEx. Roughly my damage rate is 0.5% as I ship about 200 packages a month and have less than 1 damage a month. #8 - Feb 17, 2024 Well, went ALMOST a year with no damaged pictures, but got this one today that was shipped via UPS Ground and was approx 33" x 40" x 5". It was a large signed and numbered Tom Darro print, "Woman Who Dreamed of White Wolf". Honestly, don't think there was much more I could have practically done, it almost looks like it was just dropped flat pretty hard from the shatter pattern. Of course will do anything necessary to compensate customer and discussing options they would like to take. #7 - Mar 16, 2023 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic XIII Ice Figure Skating Poster 20” X 30” #SH This was a poster shipped U