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SecondMoonshot Launches Online Store (

A brainchild of Carrie acting as VP of Branding and Pit Bulls decided we needed a real online store for the Custom Framing business. So now you will see that will take you to the new site. The blog will remain here for true blog functions. All items for purchase on the site are Free Shipping. The next step will be significantly expand the pop culture framed ads.  Check it out! John

SecondMoonshot Warehouse Update #7

Time to take the next step and moved into a warehouse at the beginning on October 2023. It is a conditioned 1875sqft metal building 5 minutes from my house with ample space to store vehicles, eBay inventory and shipping, and framing workshop. It is located in a nice section in Rolesville, NC and was able to get it at $1 per sqft. I am about 95% done with all the setup. Latest pics: Latest on 11/3/23 John

A Year Later - Interview with Myself, John Leschak, Owner of SecondMoonshot

It has been over a year since I interviewed myself and thought it was time for a follow-up. John was such a compelling host, I felt so comfortable with him that I was excited to see what kind of curve balls he would throw at me. If you missed the first interview, you can find it here . John: Welcome back, John! I can honestly say our first interview was fascinating and the best one on my hosting career to date. JOHN: Ditto! I just feel so comfortable with you, it makes me just want to dig deep and share. John: OK, let’s jump right in. How is the progress on the beard? JOHN: I knew you would start off with the elephant in the room. Anyone would tell you your kinda cute…in a homeless boxcar-jumping vagrant kind of way. John: Focus please. JOHN: Right…sorry. Growth rate has slowed down quite a bit, but would say we are at perhaps 65% of goal. John: Last we spoke, you were an eBay seller doing some Custom Framing, now your a Custom Framer doing eBay selling, what happened? JOHN: So a coupl

SecondMoonshot Storage/Warehouse Update #6

Things are all pretty much in place from the April acquisition.  These 6 pictures are where I keep moulding, Mat board and other supplies and less used tools. This unit is where I store 2 cars and where all the woodworking, cutting and joining takes place. The VacuSeal had to go into our garage due to power requirements. And last are pics of eBay storage and framing assembly unit.  I made a portable stand for the Fletcher 8400 Series glass and material cutter. John

Progress Update on Custom Framing Business

It has been a while since I have had a post and have been busy filtering through the inventory of custom framing equipment and supplies. I bought the assets from Bill Edwards of Edwards Reproductions…probably one of the nicest people you will meet, with his wife included.  There wasn’t a lot of “negotiations” going on. I felt the price for the lot was fair and there were a ton of things that Bill ended up adding to the lot, he was very generous. It was a good deal for all involved and confident Bill feels the same way. So, I ended up hiring a moving company to move all the inventory into a storage unit and luckily it all fit into my rented 10’ x 20’ unit at Public Storage on Stickman where I have 2 other units (somewhere in all of this, I am pretty sure I almost died…I’ll talk about that another day). While I was originally thinking of moving all the woodworking into my garage, I ended up deciding to just leave it in the 15’ x 30’ unit with 2 of the cars. The climate controlled unit wi