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Progress Update on Custom Framing Business

It has been a while since I have had a post and have been busy filtering through the inventory of custom framing equipment and supplies. I bought the assets from Bill Edwards of Edwards Reproductions…probably one of the nicest people you will meet, with his wife included.  There wasn’t a lot of “negotiations” going on. I felt the price for the lot was fair and there were a ton of things that Bill ended up adding to the lot, he was very generous. It was a good deal for all involved and confident Bill feels the same way. So, I ended up hiring a moving company to move all the inventory into a storage unit and luckily it all fit into my rented 10’ x 20’ unit at Public Storage on Stickman where I have 2 other units (somewhere in all of this, I am pretty sure I almost died…I’ll talk about that another day). While I was originally thinking of moving all the woodworking into my garage, I ended up deciding to just leave it in the 15’ x 30’ unit with 2 of the cars. The climate controlled unit wi

SecondMoonshot New Business Cards

I got some new business cards that are focused on the Custom Framing, pic is front and back.  We went simple and the frame corners was my idea! Although everything else was Carrie’s. Keeping it simple with no address as that may be fluid over next 12 months. Also renting a small office space at 102 W Nash St (home of One Man’s Treasure) in Spring Hope to meet potential customers for framing and where I will keep all the samples. Will take a few weeks to get it ready. And a pic of me and Carrie from the past. Not sure who controlled my “style”, if there is any…but clearly she loves me anyway. Oh, and Sydney…not feeling well lately. Ate one too many baby bunnies.  John

Major Step Forward - Custom Framing is the Priority

I came across an opportunity to by some significant Custom Framing assets from a retiring successful and experience business owner.  And I did! And right before my trip to Colorado and the planned Route 66 trip back, but I’ll work that out. So I hired a local moving company and we will move the assets into a storage unit on May 9th. I think getting a full retail space and warehouse is a bit premature so have an interim plan which is more appropriate. On the trip to Colorado, I am picking up a 2006 Nissan Xterra being gifted to my business. So all the Porsches will move into storage and probably long term hibernation. Next is the garage at the house will transform into frame cutting and assembly workshop (as well as glass storage and cutting) and thus no room for cars. I will keep the mat cutting and assembly at the 20x20 storage unit as well as the eBay inventory and shipping. The unit I have with 2 cars and current workshop will basically be where I will store 2 cars and all the mould

eBay Top Rater Seller Stats for 1Q 2023 - No Substitute for Perfect!

I have set a small side goal for myself to have a perfect record on all stats used in the eBay Top Rated Seller program and finally achieved it yesterday. What next? John

New Product: Black 12” LP Record Album Frame, 15” x 15” Square, Contemporary Wood, Made-to-Order

I have been working on a new frame product to offer in low runs and made-to-order. It is a frame to hold  a 12” LP record album (without the sleeve). I finished it up Friday and pleased with the outcome. This has been a project for a few months and slowly working on the mounting aspect and cost controls. I ame going to give Etsy a try with this and see where it goes, listed here . This is a made-to-order black contemporary square frame made to nicely present a 12” LP record album (not the sleeve, just the vinyl album). The overall dimensions are 15 1/8” high x 15 1/8” wide x 3/4” deep, the new mat board and glass interior size of the frame is 14” high x 14” wide. New quality molding with scratch free recovered glass. New Acrylic/Plexiglass is available upon request at no charge.  There is enough room behind the mat board to store the record sleeve and should you not desire to do so, will need to add a similarly sized spacer (a 12” x 12” cardboard sheet will do. The sleeve is hidden and

SecondMoonshot Dabbles in Cobbling (Cobblering?) - Frankenstocks

When one of my daughters asks me for anything, they usually gets it, true for anything within reason any of our kids ask for. Throw in a “Daddy”, and I’m putty in their hands. Yeah, a bit spoiled, but there are worse things. This week was an ask to see if I can repair a torn leather strap on a what I suspect is a well like pair of sandals…maybe Birkenstocks or something, have no idea (and don’t really care). Her foster pit bull, Patsy Cline, must have thought it was a toy, one dog’s pleasure is another man’s opportunity to learn. Sure, I have some time on my hands, I can cobble and be an amateur cobbler. On a side note, Patsy was doing her second home visit yesterday by a prospective adoptive family and turns out she has allergens and the wife got hives or something….sweet….I like allergens (and Patsy). Sandals are a great sleeping aid. Returning from the adoption visit gone bad (or good from our perspective). I approached this as any first time cobbler would do, see if there is a leat