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Custom Framing Ad

This will be the ad we will run in some local newsletters and post to targeted FaceBook groups. John

Confessions of an eBay Seller

Where to start? Back in January of 2021 I was cleaning my attic and saw all the [worthless] collectibles I have been lugging around for 40+ years and thought I would give eBay selling a try. First I sold my 2016 ND Mazda Miata Launch Edition and then lots more things. Then that grew into acquiring inventory with the thought of having more listings will create a steady revenue stream, which partially was true. My picking improved over time and now that I have seasoned reasonably well and can pick with the best of them, the shine has gone and there is a new shiny object in front of me (Custom Picture Framing).  I’m not leaving eBay as I am slowing down and just being more discriminating in what I sell. Over the last 2.5 years, the best thing that has happened has been all the awesome people we have met along the way…Betty & Robert, Stan & LeaAnne, John with JMS, Kim with Grannies Panties, Wayne (I guess there are a few Wayne’s, so take your pick which one I mean), Jeff & Lori

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #6

Here is the sixth volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #5 .  For pricing estimation information, go  HERE . 2 new full framing, 2 repairs and replace glass on curio cabinet door. My first Jersey for a customer, I can enough to also add some photos or other memorabilia. And NO it’s not crooked, that’s how the Jersey is intended. A group of pictures for a local client. The house plans were the most challenging mostly because we went with acrylic for  direct contact overlay (DCO) and the static was crazy and had to open and clean 3 times before it was to the proper level.   The “Weird Fish” engraving was an early piece done by Steffen Christos and came out wonderful with a raised floating mount and I made white spacers which gave it a great gallery feel. You will notice on the floral original piece that it has a magenta bevel and Crescent is out if that mat until early next year so we went with a painted bevel using acrylic and very pleased with the outcome.  I will be do