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Last Minute Day Trip to Surf City, NC

Friday evenings are usually booked for the OMT 6pm auction, but Zabrina and I wanted to do something, so a drive and a hike or new small town tour are always great candidates. Looking for a state park within a few hours didn’t turn up anything that sparked our interest, so decided on a small beach town where a friend of ours moved to last year…Surf City, NC. We tend to like smaller towns and cities, and this place was great, walkable, excellent beach vibe, less than average tourism domination (but still plenty) and a good locals spots and trendy spots to eat. We walked the beach when we got there for an hour as the tide was coming in, and true to the name, plenty of surfers. Wind was blustery to say the least and my beard felt like a sail. Great beach.  When we headed back to the car, we were a little disappointed there was no place to wash off. We later found the central strand beach access had decent bathrooms and two showers outside which we took advantage of. Parking was not too ba

Finally Figured Out the Basics to a Facebook Page!

Image I find Facebook to be counterintuitive most of the time, but muscle memory is kicking in and getting the hang of it via repetition. Even have my first follower! John

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #3

Here is the third volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #2 . For pricing information, go  here . Hiroyuki Tajima (Japanese, 1911-1984) “Capricious Red” Abstract Woodcut 1976. Got this at Rummage Warehouse and a great barn find. Had a good Japanese frame available in right size and replaced glass and new matting and backing. Sold quickly on eBay   Got this pair of signed Japanese prints at OMT auction as well. One had glass broke and matting needed to be replaced. Went with a double mat beige outer and black inner. Really liking the new mat board cutter and getting nice clean corners, also tweaked alignment for accuracy and was effective. These are the original frames, but had to re-glue some corners, they had nails in them already so opted to not use the V -nails. Used the heavier dark gray backing paper. Everything is acid free on this. For sale on eBay here . Got this at OMT auction for a few dollars, just on cardboard but liked it, was dated 1976. Found an older fram

My Work Area for Photography of eBay Listings

I know some people go all out with light boxes and making perfect pictures for their listings. Not sure why, but I like the raw, almost a amateur look to my photos, but want them to be clear and properly represent the item for sale. I never do the masking of the background which eBay app can do. In most pictures, I keep a folded bed sheet with a light pattern for the background and as that gets dirty I simply fold it over and over to a clean section until I have to wash it. Clothing and pictures I usually just put on the sleeper sofa in my office and point the lights there. Anything large hanging goes on a door hinge to a closet and just take the pictures there…making sure to shut the door as my other half is working from home across the hall. I broke the light I have been using…one of those high end (over priced) crafting lights (Ott or something) and found some new LED-based lights with built in diffusers which were under $75 for two and work great. Probably last years model, but the

Product Review: ABBA - Voyage [Album]

A key value of Zabrina and myself is to buy things we like. This goes no different for music, and we both love ABBA. Perhaps I haven’t really been listening to the words over the years (most likely) or maybe I am too focused on Amanda Seyfriend in Momma Mia to whom (or for whom..whatever) I have a huge crush at 57 years of age.  Getting off topic, anyway, Voyage came out by ABBA in 2021 and I really enjoyed pretty much all the tracks. Not only did I listen, but I really listened, to a point I came up that this album must be a ode to the life of Angetha Faltskog. Now, I am not clear on who wrote most of the lyrics on Voyage and for some reason my mind is made up and the album is a tribute or ode or memory of Angetha’s life.  Think of this as an interpretive review, not based on fact or inside knowledge of the inner sanctum of ABBA (of which I have none) and provide the author a great deal of latitude. I figure while the songs may not be in chronological order, the meanings go something

What was I thinking? Advice from my personal Auction Yoda

Sometimes I am an irrational, emotional, blubbering, competitive, vengeful, stupid auction bidder…or that’s how Zabrina put it to me during our Friday drive and hike SecondMoonshot retreat and reflection. That’s how it sounded to me at the time anyway. It all started when I had the bright idea to give thoughts and feedback on our (ok…her) lot selection flaws and how we (ok…she) were picking too many low value boxes producing low profit listings. She clearly had no room for feedback and instead turned the tables on me and gave me three (just the first three) opportunities that I had to improve my (not “our”) bidding, lot selection, emotional state and restraint. She broke this down as follows (he words, not mine)..I can’t recall what the gas pumping reference was about, but sure it wasn’t good and probably just something I have blocked from memory, but subconsciously knew it was important to include…guessing it was moments of excessive flatulation on my part. So, to prove my intelligenc