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Day Trip - Last Minute Day Trip to Surf City, NC

Friday evenings are usually booked for the OMT 6pm auction, but Zabrina and I wanted to do something, so a drive and a hike or new small town tour are always great candidates. Looking for a state park within a few hours didn’t turn up anything that sparked our interest, so decided on a small beach town where a friend of ours moved to last year…Surf City, NC. We tend to like smaller towns and cities, and this place was great, walkable, excellent beach vibe, less than average tourism domination (but still plenty) and a good locals spots and trendy spots to eat. We walked the beach when we got there for an hour as the tide was coming in, and true to the name, plenty of surfers. Wind was blustery to say the least and my beard felt like a sail. Great beach.  When we headed back to the car, we were a little disappointed there was no place to wash off. We later found the central strand beach access had decent bathrooms and two showers outside which we took advantage of. Parking was not too ba

Finally Figured Out the Basics to a Facebook Page!

Image I find Facebook to be counterintuitive most of the time, but muscle memory is kicking in and getting the hang of it via repetition. Even have my first follower! John

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #3

Here is the third volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #2 .  For pricing estimation information, go  HERE . This was an inexpensive but nice picture my daughter bought at auction that needed a new dust cover and hanging hardware. Not for sale. A really nice multi medium sea gull signed short run print, love it. For sale on eBay here . This is a few framing projects for some of our auction friends. The map picture has glass on both sides so they can show the back if desired. Was a hand-made frame and there is a second one that is larger. Turned out to be more work than expected, but came out good. My amateur PhotoShop skills accidentally removed their heads. Not for sale. This was just a quick frame I made from a recovered cut down frame for a print Zabrina liked. Not for sale. Hiroyuki Tajima (Japanese, 1911-1984) “Capricious Red” Abstract Woodcut 1976. Got this at Rummage Warehouse and a great barn find. Had a good Japanese frame available in right size and replaced g