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Blogger Spam in Comments - Go home and do real marketing research…not waste my time deleting your crap.

Ok, admittedly I don’t get very many comments on the blog. But what gets me is this business of using blogger comments to put advertisements in them, what I am guessing to get the search bots to think they have more links that they really do in an attempt to get higher search rankings.  When I see them, I just delete them as I would rather have no comments then crappy comments. I suspect they are trying to trick the search engines to think they have links to all these sites and increase their search result ranking…go somewhere else please. Odds are if you have to resort to this type of gaming, you don’t have a quality product or service.  I now moderate all comments and will not approve any comments with URLs in them. Rant over. John 

Rant - Cell Phone Woes - My Verizon Experience

Let me start off and just say that this is a flat out RANT. I have had such a terrible initial experience with Verizon, and just had to get it off my chest. In November of 2021, we decided that we were tired of the poor coverage in our area provided by Sprint (now part of T-Mobile). Our phones were in need of replacement (we have 3 lines, all iPhones) and we also wanted to see if we can get a more competitive price plan which included mobile hot spots. Heck, Andy, my neighbor works for Verizon and I trust him (he works with network security side and not the phone side)…what could go wrong? We selected Verizon and I will say that the coverage is the only good thing we have experienced so far, but I’ll take it. It all start off when I went to our local Verizon store in a new shopping center (11710 Retail Dr., Wake Forest, NC 27587 for those taking notes) and informed them that I was interested in moving our 3 lines and also a phone upgrade in the process. I was told: There was a rebate (