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Moon Photos - Full Moon the Night Before the Harvest Moon - September 9, 2022

From Zabrina: John 

Interview with Myself, John Leschak, Owner of SecondMoonshot

Since most of us will never really be interviewed (or even be asked), I decided that I would just interview myself…who better to ask the compelling questions that no one else is going to ask or care about. It was a joke conversation Zabrina and I were having in the car and thought it would be fun to do and a non-traditional way to share some information about us and SecondMoonshot. Part II, A Year Later is here . John: Welcome John, thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Let’s start with the basics, tell us in a nutshell the fundamentals of yourself. JOHN: Thanks John, it is truly [emphasized excessively] a pleasure to meet you in person! Well, I was born in Indiana in 1965, as a child I rode bikes and skateboards with no helmet, probably didn’t wear a seatbelt until I was 25 too. Average middle class raising in a military (Marines) family with 2 sisters and 1 brother - all older. Divorced 13 or so years ago, hope the ex is happy, she’s a good person, we had 2 wonderful childr

Custom Picture Framing Update

Over the last few months, I have invested in some new equipment that will allow some new capabilities on wooden frames, offer more consistent results in mat board cutting, and more clearly set expectations on pricing and options. Frame Recovery and Reduction First things first. I realized that even with 100s of frames, that by itself, still provides limited options to any specific piece to be framed. It has to be in the appropriate style, color and in an appropriate size. Even with the first few customers, I noticed that while I had a lot of frames, it just wasn’t working. I needed to be able to provide more flexibility yet still leverage the large inventory of used high quality frames on the market via auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, and who knows where else. To this end, I decided I would start doing frame reduction on wood frames (not metal). I would remove the miter joints, cut them down to proper size for a piece of interest and then glue and V-nail them together. It’s a Lo

Custom Picture Framing Price Estimator - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Updated 3/2024

By keeping our overhead low, we can offer some of the best prices anywhere. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and this is for high quality work. We are a low-volume shop, ensuring every project gets our full attention. This is a price list estimation chart for standard custom picture framing projects (frame, joining, mat, glazing/glass, assembly). It is periodically updated and feedback welcome. Prices are estimates but shouldn’t be too far off for the most common types of picture needs, please call or email for getting a formal quote or an appointment. Highly customized requests such as jerseys, object mounting, acrylic enclosures, oversized pieces, French mats, repairs, etc will be done on a quote basis. (This is an outdated screen shot, see below for current prices) Costing is composed of a moulding, glass, mat board and assembly charge.  How to Use The intent is that you pick one frame, one glass/glazing, one (or more) mat optional, and appropriate joining and assembly charge. Add th