Custom Picture Framing Price Estimator - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Updated 3/2024

By keeping our overhead low, we can offer some of the best prices anywhere. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and this is for high quality work. We are a low-volume shop, ensuring every project gets our full attention.

This is a price list estimation chart for standard custom picture framing projects (frame, joining, mat, glazing/glass, assembly). It is periodically updated and feedback welcome. Prices are estimates but shouldn’t be too far off for the most common types of picture needs, please call or email for getting a formal quote or an appointment. Highly customized requests such as jerseys, object mounting, acrylic enclosures, oversized pieces, French mats, repairs, etc will be done on a quote basis.

(This is an outdated screen shot, see below for current prices)

Costing is composed of a moulding, glass, mat board and assembly charge. 

How to Use

The intent is that you pick one frame, one glass/glazing, one (or more) mat optional, and appropriate joining and assembly charge. Add them up for the estimate. Size is based on largest length or width which cannot exceed any specified dimension, for example if you are framing a piece which is 10” x 33”, that would be a Large.

To determine the number of feet of new moulding needed for a frame, just compute below from measurement of width and height in inches:

            (((2 x width) + (2 x height)) / 12) + 1   (it’s an estimate here, so generally will be close enough)

For example, if you have an 8” x 10” picture and it will have a 2” border on the mat, that would be ((12” x 2) + (14” x 2”)) = (52 / 12) + 1 = 5.33. Then round up and you get 6 feet of moulding would be needed.

I’m trying to keep the model as simple as possible and the prices are based on 1/4 (small), 1/2 (medium), and full (large) fractions of a 32” x 40” mat board size. 

Average Price Ranges

Here are a few examples for the most common frame configuration which would be an in-stock moulding, TruVue Conservation Clear 99% UV Glass with Single or Double Mat. We can reduce the cost with use of recovered glass if available. Prices vary depending on upgrades or downgrades in design selections.

Small (up to 16” x 20”) - Single Mat: $106, Double Mat: $119
Medium (up to 20” x 32”) - Single Mat: $140, Double Mat: $161
Large (up to 32” x 40”) - Single Mat: $180, Double Mat: $212

Custom Framing Price List - Last Update 3/2024


Small    up to 16” x 20”

Medium up to 20” x 32”

Large.   up to 32” x 40”



Moulding is priced by the foot and prices vary greatly with more elaborate mouldings exceeding $20 per foot. Select in-stock mouldings for best value.

Frame - Wood - Recovered




Limited availability.

Frame - Metal - Recovered




Limited availability.

Frame - New

Per foot

Per foot

Per foot

Special orders are very common, but will be more. Most in-stock moulding under <=1” wide will be $3 / ft, >1” and <=1.5” / $4 and over 1.5” / $5 / ft. I say “most” as some of my inventory is a growing collection of new stock.

Frame Joining or Resizing Charge




Takes 1-2 hours, disassemble (if recovered), miter, glue, then biscuit or V-nail. Recovered frame must be a minimum 3” longer an all dimensions. If you found a frame, I will cut yours too. Only applies to metal frames if cutting is necessary.


Includes cutting. Have in stock new standard glass, non-reflective and some conservation. All new glass is TruVue brand. Acrylic and Museum-grade and acrylic also available. 

Glass - Single strength - Recovered




Free of defects. A great way to keep costs low and upgrade later.

Limited availability.

Glass - Single strength - New


42TruVue Premium Clear (44% UV). Non-reflective also available. In stock.

Glass - UV Single strength - New

193150Tru Vue Conservation Clear (99% UV). Non-reflective also available. In stock.

*** MAT BOARD ***

Multiply by 2 for Double mat, 3 for Triple mat, includes cutting, cheaper if I have remnant pieces which can be used. Lots of in-stock colors to choose from. Specialty mats will be more. If you need a colored mat board for a background, that counts too.

Mat - Crescent Select - Single opening




Mat - Crescent Select - Multiple/complex opening




Highly complex cuts and layouts will be quoted, includes V-grooves, ovals/circles, irregular shapes, etc. I don’t do irregular curves beyond ovals and circles.


Assembly, Frame “refresh” pricing is same plus additional charge for frame, glass, and/or mat / backing from above if needed.

Metal Frame - Backing board, backing tape, hardware




Wood Frame - Backing board, dust cover, hardware




  • Labor rate is at $25/hour (already factored into standard pricing above).
  • As I get more savvy with wholesalers and get better pricing, I update this estimator to pass on the savings. 
  • The larger the frame, the larger the value proposition. If you are framing a standard 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 and you are just doing something simple, Costco or craft store ready-made frames may be a better more cost-effective route.
  • Oversized frames (i.e. >32” x 40” including border) will be quoted only.
  • Special order moulding can take 2 to 3 weeks, although most come in a few days.
  • You are welcome to “bring your own” glass/glazing, frame or mat and you can remove most or all of those associated costs. Joining and assembly fees will still apply.
  • Many options have upgrades available for additional charge, new moulding some glazings can be significantly more based on selection. We do have a large in stock selection of moulding and mat board with special pricing. 
  • Mat board, backing and all mounting corners / adhesive that come in contact with artwork are archival / acid-free / buffered unless stated otherwise. Certain projects may require more than average or special materials and have an impact on price.
  • Custom Fabric-covered mats are available at $25 + cost of the fabric and mat (you are welcome to bring your own).
  • Some costs may be reduced or free if sourced at a lower cost and savings passed on.
  • Just need glass cut? $10 and have lots of glass for low cost based on availability. For that matter, I’ll cut your mat also if needed for $10 single opening. Cut while you wait.
  • We do not charge more if you bring some or all of your own materials (actually less). I am human, so if I need to by a replacement due to an issue (I.e. a mistake), those costs will be covered by me.
  • We do frame repairs, re-mounting, glass replacement, mat replacements, upgrades, mirror repairs, custom acrylic display boxes, etc. Call or email for a quote.
  • We do full framing or services as you require, i.e just mats and cutting, just moulding and joining, etc. 
  • Oversize capabilities up to 48” for glass and mat cutting.


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