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SecondMoonshot Launches Online Store (

A brainchild of Carrie acting as VP of Branding and Pit Bulls decided we needed a real online store for the Custom Framing business. So now you will see that will take you to the new site. The blog will remain here for true blog functions. All items for purchase on the site are Free Shipping. The next step will be significantly expand the pop culture framed ads.  Check it out! John

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #6

Here is the sixth volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #5 .  For pricing estimation information, go  HERE . Some customer provided photos of our made-to-order specialty record and comic frames. Decided to reframe the “Corporation” poster. Completely reframed the Maxell Porsche Blown Away (original France) and took it to the next level. Wow. Found this great movie ad on eBay and decided to get creative on the mat. This was some bead art my daughter did recently and framed for her. I picked this Porsche poster up a while back on eBay as it had a vintage 9-1 Targa and will keep it with the car. This is 1 of a set of 3 which I did for a local artist friend. Pretty straight forward framing job I did for a local customer who needed it rush for Christmas. A Jordan Nike poster I framed for a friend. Pleased with outcome. A canvas anime print. This was a framing project I did for Carrie and Steffen of an early Polaroid. Carrie did all the design work and agreed to do a double V