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YouTube Video: A Variation on Shipping Comic Books with Gemini Mailers

Figured I would start the year with a new YouTube video.  John

YouTube Video How-To: DIY Free Book Media Mailers / Box

I have been looking for a better safer and more professional looking DIY free book mailer I can make from available free cardboard boxes and stock. I worked out this method which I think came out well and offers lots of protection and can be used for albums, puzzles and anything that is generally ridges and square or rectangular. Hope you find this useful.  I have made a few changes to the design, primarily to not have the seam in the middle but have it cover the front (or back) completely, that way the tape goes on the edge and have an additional 1” which goes under the front flap. This makes it look much cleaner, easier to seal and a nice blank space for your shipping label. I used this design to ship a signed art print which I wanted to ship flat with the mat board. It worked better than any packing option I have used prior and super rigid. Once you get the hang of the dimension offsets, it looks truly professional. And a finished book ready to ship. John

YouTube Video Product Review: Ryobi P305 18V Cordless Glue Gun Kit

My first YouTube video review… I had to return due to a defective battery which lost its charge after 5 minutes. New one is better but still only lasts for 30 minutes, I will get an extra battery at some point. A variety of different tips are also available. John