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Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #5

Here is the fifth volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #4 .  For pricing estimation information, go  HERE . This is a picture I framed for some family members using a photo we took during our visit to Kristy Kreme.  This was my first use of Mylar strips to do object mounting.  I had a customer who wanted one of my 45 record frames from Etsy in metal. The challenge is that it is hard to meet the price point with quality aluminum frames. It happens I have a good bit of stock of precut aluminum frames and if I was able to cut them, I could meet the cost and profit margin goals. With the recently acquired Frame Square mitre saw, I loaded it up with a Diablo 80 tooth aluminum blade and was very pleased with the results and will be doing my own chops from now on.   This is an original Peter Max and will have 2 more coming as well in the same style. Since he had other frames we were working to get in the ballpark of the ones which were framed by Peter Max group (see last pict