Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #5

Here is the fifth volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #4

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This is a picture I framed for some family members using a photo we took during our visit to Kristy Kreme.  This was my first use of Mylar strips to do object mounting. 

I had a customer who wanted one of my 45 record frames from Etsy in metal. The challenge is that it is hard to meet the price point with quality aluminum frames. It happens I have a good bit of stock of precut aluminum frames and if I was able to cut them, I could meet the cost and profit margin goals. With the recently acquired Frame Square mitre saw, I loaded it up with a Diablo 80 tooth aluminum blade and was very pleased with the results and will be doing my own chops from now on.  

This is an original Peter Max and will have 2 more coming as well in the same style. Since he had other frames we were working to get in the ballpark of the ones which were framed by Peter Max group (see last picture). Think it works. The cloth on the back allows the canvas to breath. The fillets were a Mylar type and as I didn’t have a proper fillet chopper, I got a hand mitre cutter and it worked ok, although I went ahead and purchased a Frame Square Fillet Cutter from 888 Manufacturing as I am so pleased with the Frame Square results and luckily 888 Manufacturing acquired Frame Square.

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A group of pictures framed for Steffen Christos. The last one shows the improvement on corner mitres as a result of the recently acquired Frame Square Mitre Saw and trekking with the underpinner.

This is a framing project for a vintage Kern bread display  cutout and thought a V-groove would be nicer than a double mat.  Went with non-reflective glass and new molding from my recent framing shop acquisition.

This is a birthday gift for Carrie with pictures from our Route 66 trip last year. Got a sticker off Amazon. All new materials.

This is a Norman Rockwell, The Aviary which was from one of my consignees that I offered to frame for her complimentary. Recovered frame and glass.

This is an old MLK photo I picked up at auction as the backing was cool and reframed. A couple “before” pictures.  While it may look like a pinkish mat, it is beige, just a lighting issue.

For sale on eBay here.

Another Don Pedro original oil on wood and a print.

Not for sale.

A group of 4 more pictures I framed for Carrie. 

Not for sale.

This is a signed limited edition 95/200 PHPA Steven Houston print titled “Saturday Night Hero” I picked up at local auction. This got new everything except for the glass and went with a simple black to complement the print and inner mat board.  

For sale on eBay here.

Prototype of the album cover frame. For sale one will have black moulding and removable back, same dimensions and style of the record frame. Price will be $50 local pickup and $60 shipped.  I’ll list on Etsy but message me if interested prior to that.  

An original “Gonzaga” piece of art.  This was the result of a spa retreat Zabrina went to last Saturday and wanted me to frame it. First chance to try out the new miter saw on a limited scale. One corner could be better but will only improve over time and once I get the fence installed.

Not for sale.

My daughter wanted her diplomas framed (don’t worry, I’ll charge her cost of materials only).

Not for sale.

Local Raleigh NC artist, Andie Freeman, in low limited run. Framed for Carrie.  New molding, matt board, hardware and backing with recovered glass. Emailed the artist with picture of framed art and my availability…never heard back.

Not for sale.

A Nicholas Berger Artist Proof, “Cord Wood”, that I kept the original frame and glass and redid the rest.

For sale on eBay here.

This is a pair of pictures for a framing customer. One is an original Don Pedro (Pietro Digiorgiooil painting and other is a signed print by same artist. Spectacular pieces. All new everything on this pair. Worth noting the oil is on a wooden board, so an open back for breathing was not necessary. Initially did some UV glass but location it was to be placed presented too much glare so went with a regular non-glare glass.

Not for sale.

Continued in Volume #6.

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