Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #5

Here is the fifth volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #4. For pricing information, go here.

An original “Gonzaga” piece of art.  This was the result of a spa retreat Zabrina went to last Saturday and wanted me to frame it. First chance to try out the new miter saw on a limited scale. One corner could be better but will only improve over time and once I get the fence installed.

Not for sale.

My daughter wanted her diplomas framed (don’t worry, I’ll charge her cost of materials only).

Not for sale.

Local Raleigh NC artist, Andie Freeman, in low limited run. Framed for Carrie.  New molding, matt board, hardware and backing with recovered glass. Emailed the artist with picture of framed art and my availability…never heard back.

Not for sale.

A Nicholas Berger Artist Proof, “Cord Wood”, that I kept the original frame and glass and redid the rest.

For sale on eBay here.

This is a pair of pictures for a framing customer. One is an original Don Pedro (Pietro Digiorgiooil painting and other is a signed print by same artist. Spectacular pieces. All new everything on this pair. Worth noting the oil is on a wooden board, so an open back for breathing was not necessary. Initially did some UV glass but location it was to be placed presented too much glare so went with a regular non-glare glass.

Not for sale.



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