Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #4

Here is the third volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #3. For pricing information, go here.

I got these 2 pictures from an estate sale (might have gotten the Ronald Williams one at OMT Auction). I did a refresh on them both. 

Ronald Williams, Historic Wilmington on the Cape Fear is a signed and numbered print. While the frame was good along with glazing, pretty much had to redo the rest. Cut new double mat for it on some colors I had around, added a Foam Core backing, dust cover, and added proper hardware to it. 

For sale on eBay here.

The B. Cummings, Spring Fever was generally OK, but the glass was dirty on the inside, so disassembled, cleaned glass and added fresh dust cover and probably used existing hardware it had. 

For sale on eBay here.

I picked up 2 Bob Rankin posters and found they were signed at an estate sale (from Sort it Out, good people). A friend and repeat customer bought it and had me frame it. She likes metal frames, but decided to upgrade to a nicer Nielson style in anodized brushed black aluminum and a burgundy mat (pictures make it look more read, but more a burgundy). Some detail finishing on the back and here ya go. I have one other poster I haven’t framed yet, ping me if interested (framed or unframed).

Not for Sale.

I do have the 2nd poster (unframed available on eBay here.

At the same estate sale where I got the bicentennial poster, I also got an older Bob Rankin artist proof of Jazzercise. A friend I know likes jazz prints and sold to her along with framing which we opted for a new gallery style Neilson as she likes black metal frames but wanted an upscale look. Add in double matting etc. I think it worked.


This is a print which was signed and numbered Larry Dodson print (Springtime in Elijah) I picked up at auction. Went with a gold frame with green accent and after consultation with Carrie, went with a gray mat - well, I thought it was gray, but looks more like a light blue….I will probably redo this at some point. This was a frame I reduced and existing stock for mat I got at an estate sale, so probably less than a few dollars invested in the framing.

For Sale on eBay here.

One of our friends picked up this picture at auction for a few bucks and I offered to do complimentary reframing of it, my first needlepoint framing. Pleased with outcome. Recovered frame and glass, used some existing stock of mat I had around and used acid free backing along with nice dust cover and hardware to top it off.

Not for sale

This was a painting my daughter (VP of Branding, Carrie) when she was probably 14 or 16, she gave it to me for Christmas and have had it sitting on a bookshelf for years, so decided it needed something to more properly present and preserve it. When I used Google Lens to find it, oddly enough it came up with a Squidward rendition of Old Guitarist. Made me love it that much more. 

Not for sale!

This was just a simple limited edition 21/1500 signed photo print by Steve Barber out of Cary, NC that I picked up at an OMT auction. The frame was a super cheap plastic thing and decided to do an upgrade, probably a bit “heavy” for the print…oh well, live and learn. 

For sale on eBay here.



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