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Progress Update on Custom Framing Business

It has been a while since I have had a post and have been busy filtering through the inventory of custom framing equipment and supplies. I bought the assets from Bill Edwards of Edwards Reproductions…probably one of the nicest people you will meet, with his wife included.  There wasn’t a lot of “negotiations” going on. I felt the price for the lot was fair and there were a ton of things that Bill ended up adding to the lot, he was very generous. It was a good deal for all involved and confident Bill feels the same way. So, I ended up hiring a moving company to move all the inventory into a storage unit and luckily it all fit into my rented 10’ x 20’ unit at Public Storage on Stickman where I have 2 other units (somewhere in all of this, I am pretty sure I almost died…I’ll talk about that another day). While I was originally thinking of moving all the woodworking into my garage, I ended up deciding to just leave it in the 15’ x 30’ unit with 2 of the cars. The climate controlled unit wi

SecondMoonshot New Business Cards

I got some new business cards that are focused on the Custom Framing, pic is front and back.  We went simple and the frame corners was my idea! Although everything else was Carrie’s. Keeping it simple with no address as that may be fluid over next 12 months. Also renting a small office space at 102 W Nash St (home of One Man’s Treasure) in Spring Hope to meet potential customers for framing and where I will keep all the samples. Will take a few weeks to get it ready. And a pic of me and Carrie from the past. Not sure who controlled my “style”, if there is any…but clearly she loves me anyway. Oh, and Sydney…not feeling well lately. Ate one too many baby bunnies.  John