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SecondMoonshot is Moving into the Album/LP Category

Ok, I have been stockpiling albums for eventual moving into the vintage LP/Album eBay category for almost a year and working to build out an appropriate stereo system so I can test the records prior to sale. The system is made up of: Sony STR-DE197 A/V Receiver/Amplifier Marantz TT1060 Turntable (probably the stock stylus and cartridge, and will upgrade at a future date) ARTcessories DJPre II Preamp Bose 201 Series II Speakers Definitely not a high end system, but I acquired the components over the last 6 months in preparation. I paid $3 for the turntable, the receiver was gifted (by a competitor, but they probably wanted me to stop compete bidding on conflicting lots!….JK, nice piece, Bose 201 speakers I got at an estate sale for $20 and finally got the DJPre II preamp on Amazon for $65.99. I also purchased the Studebaker disk cleaner and 32oz of Spin-Clean cleaning solution, both of which ran about $80, and finally a 100 pack of BigFudge Vinyl record sleeves for $32 and some clear pl

eBay Followers Milestone: 300 followers

I know…sellers have thousands and more followers. I take what I can get. Year 1 yielded 100 followers and Year 2 yielded 200, Thats progress.  John

SecondMoonshot Store Update - November 24, 2022

Zabrina reminded me I haven’t done a blog post in a bit, so figured a general update would be good. We are going through a devastating loss which occurred mid-October and finding it difficult to get back into pretty much everything. Bear with us. I am doing a consignment for a neighbor with a lot of baseball memorabilia and vintage comic books. Pretty much all listed and sales of the comics has been off the charts. This should motivate me to list some more of my own collection.  I have made an agreement with a local vintage and antique store to co-sell all shippable inventory on eBay. This gives me a great opportunity to get a lot of high quality listings out, with no overhead but only a portion of the profits. Excited to see how it works out. There are a few other opportunities we are looking at which I will share at a later date. Still trying to grow the art and custom framing business, have a handful of paying projects I am working on, and offering exceptional deals on framing throu

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #4

Here is the fourth volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #3 . For pricing information, go  here . The smallest thing I have framed at 4” x 6”, the frame was a nice wood one I got at Jerry’s. The mat was a little tricky to cut due to size. This was for a neighbor. Not for sale. A simple nice print I picked up at auction by Suanne Wamsley, “Proud Mama”, just did a partial refresh on it and changed the frame out, new backing board, dust cover and new hardware. We got some new classier frame stickers and this is the second time using it. Not for sale. Nothing with any monetary value but a sentimental value gift that was given to Zabrina from a close friend as a Christmas gift. Her intention was to have a printout of a Google Map on the back to reference the documented location and I just put glass over the back and a mat and some surround covering to make more attractive. Not for sale I did this one for a long time friend which she needed quick turnaround 2 or 3 days. Frame