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SecondMoonshot Warehouse Update #7

Time to take the next step and moved into a warehouse at the beginning on October 2023. It is a conditioned 1875sqft metal building 5 minutes from my house with ample space to store vehicles, eBay inventory and shipping, and framing workshop. It is located in a nice section in Rolesville, NC and was able to get it at $1 per sqft. I am about 95% done with all the setup. Latest pics: Latest on 11/3/23 John

A Year Later - Interview with Myself, John Leschak, Owner of SecondMoonshot

It has been over a year since I interviewed myself and thought it was time for a follow-up. John was such a compelling host, I felt so comfortable with him that I was excited to see what kind of curve balls he would throw at me. If you missed the first interview, you can find it here . John: Welcome back, John! I can honestly say our first interview was fascinating and the best one on my hosting career to date. JOHN: Ditto! I just feel so comfortable with you, it makes me just want to dig deep and share. John: OK, let’s jump right in. How is the progress on the beard? JOHN: I knew you would start off with the elephant in the room. Anyone would tell you your kinda cute…in a homeless boxcar-jumping vagrant kind of way. John: Focus please. JOHN: Right…sorry. Growth rate has slowed down quite a bit, but would say we are at perhaps 65% of goal. John: Last we spoke, you were an eBay seller doing some Custom Framing, now your a Custom Framer doing eBay selling, what happened? JOHN: So a coupl

Confessions of an eBay Seller

Where to start? Back in January of 2021 I was cleaning my attic and saw all the [worthless] collectibles I have been lugging around for 40+ years and thought I would give eBay selling a try. First I sold my 2016 ND Mazda Miata Launch Edition and then lots more things. Then that grew into acquiring inventory with the thought of having more listings will create a steady revenue stream, which partially was true. My picking improved over time and now that I have seasoned reasonably well and can pick with the best of them, the shine has gone and there is a new shiny object in front of me (Custom Picture Framing).  I’m not leaving eBay as I am slowing down and just being more discriminating in what I sell. Over the last 2.5 years, the best thing that has happened has been all the awesome people we have met along the way…Betty & Robert, Stan & LeaAnne, John with JMS, Kim with Grannies Panties, Wayne (I guess there are a few Wayne’s, so take your pick which one I mean), Jeff & Lori

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #6

Here is the sixth volume of framing projects, a continuation of  Volume #5 .  For pricing estimation information, go  HERE . Some customer provided photos of our made-to-order specialty record and comic frames. Decided to reframe the “Corporation” poster. Completely reframed the Maxell Porsche Blown Away (original France) and took it to the next level. Wow. Found this great movie ad on eBay and decided to get creative on the mat. This was some bead art my daughter did recently and framed for her. I picked this Porsche poster up a while back on eBay as it had a vintage 9-1 Targa and will keep it with the car. This is 1 of a set of 3 which I did for a local artist friend. Pretty straight forward framing job I did for a local customer who needed it rush for Christmas. A Jordan Nike poster I framed for a friend. Pleased with outcome. A canvas anime print. This was a framing project I did for Carrie and Steffen of an early Polaroid. Carrie did all the design work and agreed to do a double V