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Product Review: ABBA - Voyage [Album]

A key value of Zabrina and myself is to buy things we like. This goes no different for music, and we both love ABBA. Perhaps I haven’t really been listening to the words over the years (most likely) or maybe I am too focused on Amanda Seyfriend in Momma Mia to whom (or for whom..whatever) I have a huge crush at 57 years of age.  Getting off topic, anyway, Voyage came out by ABBA in 2021 and I really enjoyed pretty much all the tracks. Not only did I listen, but I really listened, to a point I came up that this album must be a ode to the life of Angetha Faltskog. Now, I am not clear on who wrote most of the lyrics on Voyage and for some reason my mind is made up and the album is a tribute or ode or memory of Angetha’s life.  Think of this as an interpretive review, not based on fact or inside knowledge of the inner sanctum of ABBA (of which I have none) and provide the author a great deal of latitude. I figure while the songs may not be in chronological order, the meanings go something

YouTube Video Product Review: Ryobi P305 18V Cordless Glue Gun Kit

My first YouTube video review… I had to return due to a defective battery which lost its charge after 5 minutes. New one is better but still only lasts for 30 minutes, I will get an extra battery at some point. A variety of different tips are also available. John