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Major Step Forward - Custom Framing is the Priority

I came across an opportunity to by some significant Custom Framing assets from a retiring successful and experience business owner.  And I did! And right before my trip to Colorado and the planned Route 66 trip back, but I’ll work that out. So I hired a local moving company and we will move the assets into a storage unit on May 9th. I think getting a full retail space and warehouse is a bit premature so have an interim plan which is more appropriate. On the trip to Colorado, I am picking up a 2006 Nissan Xterra being gifted to my business. So all the Porsches will move into storage and probably long term hibernation. Next is the garage at the house will transform into frame cutting and assembly workshop (as well as glass storage and cutting) and thus no room for cars. I will keep the mat cutting and assembly at the 20x20 storage unit as well as the eBay inventory and shipping. The unit I have with 2 cars and current workshop will basically be where I will store 2 cars and all the mould