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Two New Vinyl LP/Album Cover and Record Made-to-Order Frames

Some new offerings! Made-to-Order, selecting your mat colors, glazing/glass, and even moulding. Customer inserts their recorded and cover themselves, changing it out at any time. Available on our Etsy store or local pickup. The larger one with the Hawaii album can hang horizontal or vertical.  Albums not included. John

Warehouse Sound System

Got a little distracted. I picked up some stereo components and had some large speakers sitting so decided to put it all together. I made the speaker covers and had some light cloth sitting around and thought white covers would be unique.  Sounds awesome.  John

Vintage 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s Nicely Framed Magazine Ads and Album Cover/Vinyl Record Frames - Made to Order

I am going to start creating and reselling vintage magazine ads focus initially on music and car categories. These will be custom framed by me and no 2 will be alike and can make one to your design needs as well. In addition, I also have album cover and vinyl record frames which can either be sealed on the back or have turn buttons on the back so you can insert and replace yourself.  Samples below: