Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #6

Here is the sixth volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #5

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Some customer provided photos of our made-to-order specialty record and comic frames.

Decided to reframe the “Corporation” poster.

Completely reframed the Maxell Porsche Blown Away (original France) and took it to the next level. Wow.

Found this great movie ad on eBay and decided to get creative on the mat.

This was some bead art my daughter did recently and framed for her.

I picked this Porsche poster up a while back on eBay as it had a vintage 9-1 Targa and will keep it with the car.

This is 1 of a set of 3 which I did for a local artist friend.

Pretty straight forward framing job I did for a local customer who needed it rush for Christmas.

A Jordan Nike poster I framed for a friend. Pleased with outcome.

A canvas anime print.

This was a framing project I did for Carrie and Steffen of an early Polaroid. Carrie did all the design work and agreed to do a double V-groove with the inside being a different mat color. Wow! She’s good.

I’ll work to see if I can make a simpler version of this to sell on Etsy. The center cut was a bit tricky and time consuming, so will probably be all a single color.

Latest vintage Porsche  and Ford Mustang GT Fastback print ad.

Just because I could!

Two new made-to-order frames available on Etsy. Available on our Etsy store or local pickup.

A straight forward framing job for a friend and colleague. 

I bought a DVD off eBay because it had a poster of one of our favorite musicians, Iz…I had some room in the back to make a pocket for the DVD case.

A few new frames for comic books and album cover which are listed on Etsy. Available on our Etsy store or local pickup.

I did a Maxell-Porsche Magazine ad a while back and it sold, so decided to do a Maxell-Blown Away Steigman ad in the same style. For sale on eBay and Etsy. Available on our Etsy store or local pickup.

Found this at auction, a local Raleigh-based orchestra (Casablanca Orchestra) album which was cut and framed front and back. I liked it and decided to reframe and add a mat. For resale.

This was a signed print I found at auction and reframed for resale.

This is a new Made-to-Order Comic book frame I will be making available on Etsy for $44.99. Local orders will get $10 off.  This version is intended to have the bagged comic inserted and held by the mat; it can be removed and replaced with another book at will. Options are available for non-reflective, UV, or standard glass or acrylic. By default the glass is a recovered quality glass with no defects. You can also opt for a double mat and colors of your choice. Turn around time is about 5 to 7 days (at most) and custom options can be had for multiple books or anything you might think of (even different moulding). Message me if you have any interest. Available on our Etsy store or local pickup.

A complimentary puzzle frame job for some close friends  Gave me an opportunity to tweak the new shop layout. 

2 new full framing, 2 repairs and replace glass on curio cabinet door.

My first Jersey for a customer, I can enough to also add some photos or other memorabilia. And NO it’s not crooked, that’s how the Jersey is intended.

A group of pictures for a local client. The house plans were the most challenging mostly because we went with acrylic for  direct contact overlay (DCO) and the static was crazy and had to open and clean 3 times before it was to the proper level.  

The “Weird Fish” engraving was an early piece done by Steffen Christos and came out wonderful with a raised floating mount and I made white spacers which gave it a great gallery feel.

You will notice on the floral original piece that it has a magenta bevel and Crescent is out if that mat until early next year so we went with a painted bevel using acrylic and very pleased with the outcome.  I will be doing more French mat inspired decorations as time permits or as requests come in.

Another one which isn’t pictured, but I broke out my C&H oval cutter and we did a double oval mat on another original watercolor, also came out very nice.

Just a Porsche ad I picked up to put beside the larger Steve Steigman poster. Decided to do a gutter between the seam of the centerfold and like how it came out.

I bought this original pencil drawing at auction (I am a big Bruce Lee fan). This is for me, not to sell.

An action buy from another of our auction friends. Somewhere between the “win” and leaving, it got crushed, so helping out and dry mounted and complimentary framing with good period correct recovered glass and moulding. This was an older moulding but great condition and unique style.  Felt the piece would do better with a double mat with complimentary colors.

A new customer asked me to repair 2 mirrors and frame a set of 3 celestial family prints. They gave me permission to post them here. All came out really nice and the brown and copper moulding really accents existing furnishings well. Learned a lot and a fun job. The 3 pictures used a deeper 8-ply Vibrant White and looked stunning.

Just a complimentary frame replace for a friends auction buy. Cut down a recovered frame that looked good with subject content, added mat and backing/hardware. Voila!

Zabrina loves waterfalls and so I picked up a sheet from the post office of a waterfall set. Used it to also refine my raised float mount technique.

I thought I posted this to the portfolio but can’t find it.

We had family that came down for the weekend and are huge Krispy Kreme fans, so we went to the downtown Raleigh location (officially the 2nd location with first being in Winston-Salem).  They gave us some paper hats and we took some photos. As a parting gift, I ran to the shop the next morning and framed the photo with the hat. I used Mylar strips to secure the hat.

When I went to print another picture for a customer, I realized my Cyan printer cartridge was malfunctioning and realized that is why the colors here looked out of whack.  I replaced it and printed a new picture and disassembled it all and replaced picture and reassembled before I shipped it to them in California.

A pair of large signed and numbered Bass prints for a new customer.

A second frame for a repeat customer for some personal photos.

This was a print a new customer wanted framed and they wanted to see how close we could come to other framed pictures they have. I had a close moulding in stock but had to make a gold fillet liner, I had some red oak and cut strips, toned them gold with a Rub-n-Buf and then lacquered them. The last picture is the one they wanted to match. This took quite a bit of time…I glued the strips on the uncut moulding and then did the mitre cuts so the would match perfectly.

I also took the opportunity to remount the picture I was to match as the hinges had failed.

A nice Tanch signed and numbered print framed for one of my regular customers. His wife is a bit OCD and scrutinized my mat corners, reporting back that they were”perfect”. No Computerized Mat Cutter (CMC) is ever used.

I had a light day today and always wanted to frame my favorite picture (also imprinted my by debit card). Zabrina taught me how to do these effects on my iPhone. I just bought some photo paper so printed it out and used a new frame that didn’t work out for a past project and decided to weight the bottom of the mat and creates a simple and classy presentation. 

This was a framing job for some great coastal wildlife photographs.

As you can tell, the flat profile black is one of the most popular. This was a limited edition reprint of the Daily News when Red Sox won the series in 1969 by Tom Seaver.

I picked this up at auction and gave to my daughter (now designated as Employee #1).  Was in a cheap plastic frame and she has pretty much standardized her home on this series of moulding  went with a blue mat with black core. I should be able to do these for around $40 with pretty quick turnaround  picture was 8” x 10” and 12” x 14” frame.

I am framing a lot of 4 signs/posters/calendars for a customer. This is 3 of the 4. The 4th is taking a little longer due to wavy heavy stock.

(Customer decided they wanted to add a yellow mat)

This is the 4th one for the group above, turned out to have its challenges. It’s very brittle and already had some repairs and compromises. And it’s pretty heavy so created a platform to give additional support to the mounts. It’s still a little waves, but much better.

I got extra car magnets, so decided to frame one and use it as the design center sign above my moulding display.

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