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SecondMoonshot is Moving into the Album/LP Category

Ok, I have been stockpiling albums for eventual moving into the vintage LP/Album eBay category for almost a year and working to build out an appropriate stereo system so I can test the records prior to sale. The system is made up of: Sony STR-DE197 A/V Receiver/Amplifier Marantz TT1060 Turntable (probably the stock stylus and cartridge, and will upgrade at a future date) ARTcessories DJPre II Preamp Bose 201 Series II Speakers Definitely not a high end system, but I acquired the components over the last 6 months in preparation. I paid $3 for the turntable, the receiver was gifted (by a competitor, but they probably wanted me to stop compete bidding on conflicting lots!….JK, nice piece, Bose 201 speakers I got at an estate sale for $20 and finally got the DJPre II preamp on Amazon for $65.99. I also purchased the Studebaker disk cleaner and 32oz of Spin-Clean cleaning solution, both of which ran about $80, and finally a 100 pack of BigFudge Vinyl record sleeves for $32 and some clear pl

eBay Followers Milestone: 300 followers

I know…sellers have thousands and more followers. I take what I can get. Year 1 yielded 100 followers and Year 2 yielded 200, Thats progress.  John

Helen Reddy - I Am Woman!

I was looking through my latest lot of LPs I purchased at auction and came across this gem! As a child, my parents loved watching the Carol Burnett and once I saw Helen, I was smitten. We had a close friend of Zabrina over at the house a few months back and we were reminiscing about her and started watching some of the clips from Carol’s show on YouTube, the flame was reignited.  Well, now that I have this album, I figured I would do something creative with it, I am going to frame it (ok, not terribly creative for me), no damage to the album, cover or anything and make a standard offering for framing your most cherished LP albums. I will go with a black standard wood frame, glass glazing of course and probably a mat boarder around it maybe 1.5” or so. I will post pictures back on this blog when the maiden frame is completed and estimated cost. I may have variations to do 2 albums together and 4 albums together in a grouping, but we’ll see about that later to see if I can make this cost

SecondMoonshot Warehouse / Framing Shop Photo Tour (and My New Rollo Wireless Thermal Printer)

This week I received a new Rollo Wireless Thermal printer specifically for shipping labels. I decided a review was not necessary since there are enough good ones out there. What I will say is…they are all right! This thing is a game changer in speed, efficiency and quality. Once unboxed, I needed to see if it supported Wi-Fi Direct (it does not) and since my warehouse is really a storage unit with power, the first thing I needed to do was to setup a Wi-Fi network. A few months ago, I picked up an electronics lot at auction which had an Apple AirPort Extreme which turned out to be a recent model, but more importantly IT WORKED (more rare than you might think). I don’t have internet broadband and just use my cell phone for all work in that location, so had to tweak the IP configuration on my iPhone to use the new router but not for internet (this was done by just going to Settings and edit the Wi-Fi connection IP Config to a Manual configuration, leaving the Router field blank and copyin

Day Trip - Hiking DuPont Forest and Hit a Few South West NC Thrift Stores

Saturday was the day to take our youngest daughter back to college at UNC Charlotte. We decided to stay the night at Flat Rock and hit a few thrift stores after a nice hike at DuPont State Recreational Forest. We found 2 really nice waterfalls, High Falls Triple Falls.  On Saturday afternoon, we went to NCs largest Goodwill store in Rockingham (a previous Lidl store) and walked out with some new T-shirts I will use later to print our logo on them and also 8 or so signed books, which were really cheap at $1.29 ea. the store was 80 clothes and not something I really focus on. On Sunday, we were going to do a little more hiking but my back wasn’t up for it so decided to check out a huge 70,000 foot antique store, The Antique Tobacco Barn. They had some really nice stuff but nothing which was really priced for a reseller to make a profit so moved on. We hit a few more Goodwill stores and picked up another 14 or so signed books then enjoyed lunch at Dilbars Indian Street Food Restaurant. Th

YouTube Video: A Variation on Shipping Comic Books with Gemini Mailers

Figured I would start the year with a new YouTube video.  John