Helen Reddy - I Am Woman!

I was looking through my latest lot of LPs I purchased at auction and came across this gem! As a child, my parents loved watching the Carol Burnett and once I saw Helen, I was smitten. We had a close friend of Zabrina over at the house a few months back and we were reminiscing about her and started watching some of the clips from Carol’s show on YouTube, the flame was reignited. 

Well, now that I have this album, I figured I would do something creative with it, I am going to frame it (ok, not terribly creative for me), no damage to the album, cover or anything and make a standard offering for framing your most cherished LP albums. I will go with a black standard wood frame, glass glazing of course and probably a mat boarder around it maybe 1.5” or so. I will post pictures back on this blog when the maiden frame is completed and estimated cost. I may have variations to do 2 albums together and 4 albums together in a grouping, but we’ll see about that later to see if I can make this cost effective.

Work in progress, frame is next then final assembly. 

Ok, all done. This is just the prototype and one for sale will be the black frame and back will be removable.

And of course a few links to some skits with Carol and crew. 

Life is Good!



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