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My Method Packaging Books for Shipping

I have a method for packing books which has served me well and also retains a cost effective aspect. It is more than simply taking the book and putting it into a bubble mailer, although that is certainly part of it. Boxes are expensive yet they provide maximum protection with the cardboard. I have come up with my method which combined a poly bubble mailer along with a cardboard front and back backing board as noted below. To date, I have had zero issues with this method and have shipped hundreds of books this way. International order will usually go ahead and go into a box as well as large format or books that will get insured. Anyway, here it is: 1. Wrap the book in a new sheet of wrapping paper. 2. Get 2 pieces of cardboard, the size of which will exceed the book edges on all size by approximately 1/2”.  3. Get my standard insert and put that on top of one of the cardboard backing boards 4. Place the wrapped book on the board centered and affix it to the board with a piece of tape on

Things I Tend to Buy for Resale

Nothing is off limits for the most part, but I find myself gravitating on a consistent basis to certain things. I don’t really follow the analytics on “what sells” and “the best categories”. I stick with things that interest me and have proven to provide profit/selling history, highly unique, represent my brand or at least enjoyment in having them for a period. So here are some of my favorites - all contingent that I can get at a reasonable cost: China Sets and Singles: I am doing some “replacement” business on a limited scale, but enjoy finding good sets, in excellent condition, no chips or crazing, and a pattern that is generally classic or has some sales history to anchor to.  Signed and Limited Edition Prints: I will do an occasional unsigned print here and there if the subject matter and framing is nice, but generally I tend to focus on limited editions with lower numbers of copies and hand signed. I am staying away from flowers and stuff and leaning more toward abstracts and nice

Zabrina and Her Love for Gardening

 When I come down in the morning, I get an awesome view of the pond but wanted to share the wonderful world of planting and gardening Zabrina enjoys. Most mornings I find her down there talking to the plants.  I made the rod thing that goes across the ceiling, we (meaning Zabrina) hang open sided globes and put air plants in them along with other ornamental glass art globes we occasionally pick up from a local artist group (Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor NC).  John 

Auction Picks - One Man’s Treasure Auction - Spring Hope, NC - February 19, 2022

2 weeks ago, Zabrina and I were coming back from Rummage Warehouse in Wilson, NC where we sometimes go around and look for hidden treasures. On the way back, we passed an exit for Spring Hope, and I remembered that every Saturday, they have an auction outside at 3pm and then an inside auction at 5p. We missed the 3p, but made the 5p and spent $12 and came back with 3 or so very attractive pieces. So, we decided to go again today and this time we made the 3pm for an outside auction and spent about $65 which was a very nice lot of pictures, some of which are of no value, but the frames were great, some dishes and some nick-nacks. Then we went to the 5pm portion and spend another $60 or so for more signed / limited edition prints, a few Ansel Adams prints and more that were primarily for the frame. We got a “Bag of hats and stuff” for a few dollars, an old antique picture I have to do some research on, a pair of what I think are African fans. The coolest item though was the vintage “Billi

Moon Photos - Snow Moon (Full) - February 16, 2022

Some more moon pics from Z. For the record, my job is to be the moon spotter and informed her while on road to the warehouse of the awesome moon shot waiting to be captured.  And finally, my picture I took on my phone! Thats why I am not the one taking the good pictures. John

Framing Project - For Sale - Weaver Gallery Steve Steigman Maxell Blown Away Porsche Poster (France, Original)

For Sale (listed on eBay in the SecondMoonshot store) In January, I won an auction (offered by “adomala” aka Josh) for a hard to find Weaver Gallery Blown Away Poster by Steve Steigman, featuring a Porsche 911 G-Body Targa - Probably early ‘80s model as poster is from 1985. Since I have one (although an early model ‘76 Targa and in platinum metallic or gold…but the emotion is there) - pictured below at the Porsche dealership after some work was done.   I have been looking for one for a long time and this one was in great condition. I paid a pretty penny for it but it was worth every bit of it. Josh did a phenomenal job in answering my flurry of questions and did what I think was the most comprehensive packing and shipping job I have seen (and learned from, double-tubed, insured, waterproofed, signature required, and then some).  I had a vision of how I would frame this, very similar to how I did a similar Steigman poster (guy in chair classic one) with 2 cutouts on the mat board. Since