My Method Packaging Books for Shipping

I have a method for packing books which has served me well and also retains a cost effective aspect. It is more than simply taking the book and putting it into a bubble mailer, although that is certainly part of it. Boxes are expensive yet they provide maximum protection with the cardboard. I have come up with my method which combined a poly bubble mailer along with a cardboard front and back backing board as noted below. To date, I have had zero issues with this method and have shipped hundreds of books this way. International order will usually go ahead and go into a box as well as large format or books that will get insured. Anyway, here it is:

1. Wrap the book in a new sheet of wrapping paper.

2. Get 2 pieces of cardboard, the size of which will exceed the book edges on all size by approximately 1/2”. 

3. Get my standard insert and put that on top of one of the cardboard backing boards

4. Place the wrapped book on the board centered and affix it to the board with a piece of tape on the left and right side. 

5. Take the second backing board and put it on top. Put a long piece of tape over the corner so that it secures 2 sides and do the same on the opposite corner. I do #4 and #5 to provide protection on the top and bottom for any external corner forces that might try to get through. The excess 1/2” prevents any damage should the package get dropped on any of the sides or corners.

6. Put the above into a poly bubble mailer

7. Put a piece of tape across the self-adhesive to reinforce it and a small piece on each side of the flap. I do this so there is no chance of anything snagging the package. It also prevents any liquid from getting into the mailer.

It works. I get the backing boards from scrap I have when I need to make custom boxes or package pictures. I generally don’t have an issue having enough. I use a very similar process with cardboard surround for anything which is appropriate for a bubble mailer (I never use mailers with no bubble protection). 

Hopefully this gives you some insight into book packaging. Here is some feedback I have received recently:



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