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SecondMoonshot Store Update - November 24, 2022

Zabrina reminded me I haven’t done a blog post in a bit, so figured a general update would be good. We are going through a devastating loss which occurred mid-October and finding it difficult to get back into pretty much everything. Bear with us. I am doing a consignment for a neighbor with a lot of baseball memorabilia and vintage comic books. Pretty much all listed and sales of the comics has been off the charts. This should motivate me to list some more of my own collection.  I have made an agreement with a local vintage and antique store to co-sell all shippable inventory on eBay. This gives me a great opportunity to get a lot of high quality listings out, with no overhead but only a portion of the profits. Excited to see how it works out. There are a few other opportunities we are looking at which I will share at a later date. Still trying to grow the art and custom framing business, have a handful of paying projects I am working on, and offering exceptional deals on framing throu

Custom Picture Framing Update

Over the last few months, I have invested in some new equipment that will allow some new capabilities on wooden frames, offer more consistent results in mat board cutting, and more clearly set expectations on pricing and options. Frame Recovery and Reduction First things first. I realized that even with 100s of frames, that by itself, still provides limited options to any specific piece to be framed. It has to be in the appropriate style, color and in an appropriate size. Even with the first few customers, I noticed that while I had a lot of frames, it just wasn’t working. I needed to be able to provide more flexibility yet still leverage the large inventory of used high quality frames on the market via auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, and who knows where else. To this end, I decided I would start doing frame reduction on wood frames (not metal). I would remove the miter joints, cut them down to proper size for a piece of interest and then glue and V-nail them together. It’s a Lo

Fun with Photos, Amazing Moon/Cloud Formation, Before and After COVID, New Branding Ideas

  Amazing moon and cloud phenomenon that I only noticed after zooming on on our Surf City day trip pictures. Learning some photo editing tools.  This is me in January of 2017. A before and after…this is what COVID does to you. Looks like it ages you 20 years.  Some fun while learning about photo editing: Cat tattoo, nothing better than a cat that supports the brand. Branded flag flying high. John

Finally Figured Out the Basics to a Facebook Page!

Image I find Facebook to be counterintuitive most of the time, but muscle memory is kicking in and getting the hang of it via repetition. Even have my first follower! John

Lunch at Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard, NC

Decided to take a drive up to Brevard where my wife and daughter are doing a girls week getaway in Brevard, NC. Also meeting a friend on Sunday to go do a few hours of driving around. I had one SecondMoonshot sticker left in my wallet, so added it to the wall. Cool place. Guess I should be prepared for a spike in sales on Sunday! John

New Business Cards!

I just ordered new business cards from  They have a business card sized sticker which I can use as a business card or as a sticker for applying to back of my framing work. I have been using Avery labels but those won’t stand the test of time and the new ones are glossy UV coated. Should get them in in a week or two. Got them in and used the first on on my first paying framing job (well, I assume they will pay). John

Special Guest Appearance to the SecondMoonshot Warehouse!

Every time I see my kids, it’s special….this was no exception. Carrianne is my oldest and well known for her impeccable choice of fashion as you will agree with the one-of-a-kind t-shirt (well, 6 of-a-kind technically). She just moved into a new house (rental for now while she saves and invests at a mammoth pace for a home to call her own). She was on the hunt for vintage (I.e. free) furniture and acquired a nice wood veneer computer desk, dining room table and 2 dressers.  She is the one that created the SecondMoonshot current logo and created its own font! How cool is that. Her second job is VP of Branding for SecondMoonshot…honorary title as it comes with no pay, but she earned it. John

SecondMoonshot Milestone - 100 Followers!

Today sometime between 2am and 8a EST, SecondMoonshot crossed the threshold and has 100 followers on our eBay store. It took almost exactly a year. I am still enjoying this as much as when we first started. To celebrate, I ordered T-shirts for all the family members. The logo was designed by my daughter, Carrianne using the Adobe set of graphics tools. A small refresh on the logo: John

SecondMoonshot - Handmade Candles

Zabrina trying her hand at some handmade candles. First batch came out very nice and professional. Will use as gifts for now but may list in near future. Thoughts welcome.  Zabrina is wants to keep the candles as natural as possible, using organic and safe oils and use recycled canisters where possible. She is using a high quality all-natural soy wax. She is experimenting with wood wicks although finding that they need to be primed in wax prior to adding the wax in the candle holder. John

SecondMoonshot Logo v4.0

Update 01/10/2022: Update 10/25/2021: The final logo. Got a T-Shirt made through Zazzle and it came out awesome. My daughter, Carrianne, helped clean it up with some professional graphic tools and some drawing skills (she works for Adobe). My first stab at coming up with a non-photo logo. I want a hand drawn look, but maybe better than mine as I have zero artistic skills. The idea was the 2 vertices rectangles loosely are Roman numeral II and the inverted moon, best I got and it’s simple. Open to better ideas, this is about all me, my finger, and my iPad could muster.  This is Zabrina’s version of the logo: Latest version: The latest branded shirts. Got one for the entire family. Thats a model in the pics as my belly wouldn’t fit in the frame. John