SecondMoonshot is Moving into the Album/LP Category

Ok, I have been stockpiling albums for eventual moving into the vintage LP/Album eBay category for almost a year and working to build out an appropriate stereo system so I can test the records prior to sale. The system is made up of:

Sony STR-DE197 A/V Receiver/Amplifier

Marantz TT1060 Turntable (probably the stock stylus and cartridge, and will upgrade at a future date)

ARTcessories DJPre II Preamp

Bose 201 Series II Speakers

Definitely not a high end system, but I acquired the components over the last 6 months in preparation. I paid $3 for the turntable, the receiver was gifted (by a competitor, but they probably wanted me to stop compete bidding on conflicting lots!….JK, nice piece, Bose 201 speakers I got at an estate sale for $20 and finally got the DJPre II preamp on Amazon for $65.99.

I also purchased the Studebaker disk cleaner and 32oz of Spin-Clean cleaning solution, both of which ran about $80, and finally a 100 pack of BigFudge Vinyl record sleeves for $32 and some clear ply record sleeves probably for $15 or $20 (cant find the order). 

I will use the Goldmine Grading guide/standard for my grading of the album, cover, and interpret it for the sleeve.

So for about $225, everything I need to clean, test, and ship albums. Now time to get to work listening, grading and selling!



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