SecondMoonshot Warehouse / Framing Shop Photo Tour (and My New Rollo Wireless Thermal Printer)

This week I received a new Rollo Wireless Thermal printer specifically for shipping labels. I decided a review was not necessary since there are enough good ones out there. What I will say is…they are all right! This thing is a game changer in speed, efficiency and quality. Once unboxed, I needed to see if it supported Wi-Fi Direct (it does not) and since my warehouse is really a storage unit with power, the first thing I needed to do was to setup a Wi-Fi network. A few months ago, I picked up an electronics lot at auction which had an Apple AirPort Extreme which turned out to be a recent model, but more importantly IT WORKED (more rare than you might think). I don’t have internet broadband and just use my cell phone for all work in that location, so had to tweak the IP configuration on my iPhone to use the new router but not for internet (this was done by just going to Settings and edit the Wi-Fi connection IP Config to a Manual configuration, leaving the Router field blank and copying the IP address and Subnet Mask from the automatic settings obtained). 

Then just followed the normal Rollo setup instructions and all was up and running. Since 99% of my shipping is done in the iOS app on my phone, everything needed to be transparent, and it was. The only one-time change I needed to make was the paper size 4” X 6” and to do that I had to go into eBay in Safari and change it there…that wasn’t too intuitive, as there is no obvious setting and you just have to pick the right paper size when shipping your next order and it automatically saves the setting and it uses it in the app.

I expect savings in significant reductions in inkjet refills and packaging tape. I ordered 2500 fan-fold labels for less than I pay for 2 inkjet refills and these should last me over 18 months. It also looks much more professional. At $279, I ordered directly from Rollo. They had free shipping, include a box of 500 additional labels, and was $20 cheaper than Amazon.

After 2 months of using the printer, it’s as awesome as the first day I got it. I have used with no issue on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and PirateShip directly in their native apps or browser with no use of another app nor any copy / paste.

After it was all setup, I took some pictures of the warehouse to give a tour via photos.

This is a shelf I keep excess framing supplies on. Glues, cleaners, samples, clamps, etc.

For cost efficiency, I use all Ryobi cordless tools and have 3 charged batteries to share among them. The glue gun, drill, and vacuum. Also a simple air blower which is handy for blowing dust and loose particles off framing work in progress.

This is the main desk area where I keep the printers, scale and power tools.

And coffee.

A future area to improve, but I liked this vintage toolbox and use this area to keep all the framing tools and supplies.

I get large sheets of cardboard at Costco for free and keep them here. Come in very handy for shipping pictures and when I need odd shaped boxes.

This is the cheapest tape moistening dispenser they sell on Amazon, still cost over $30. We get the tape from

This is where I do all of my framing mat and glass cutting, mounting and assembly, and eBay packing. The thing in the back is my Logan Platinum Edge mat board cutter. It is an excellent piece of equipment at a fraction of the Fletcher cutters.

This is where I keep wrapping paper. I mention this because wrapping paper is expensive and whenever I find large rolls at estate sales and auctions, I buy them and cut sheets in down time. This saves a lot more money than one would think.

This wall is primarily all of the shipping supplies. As you can see I go through a lot of bubble wrap. Boxes on top left are packing peanuts I get for free from Unleashed, a local warehouse supporting their retail chain of pet supplies.

These are just the boxes I either purchase or get free from USPS. I like free.

Under my work desk, I store frames and other excess shipping supplies. I got the desk which can expand to over 8’ and the vintage chair for about $15 at auction.

I got this stool at auction for $5 and handy when I need to do detail work on framing projects. And it’s cool.

I built this cart on wheels to store my larger frames and the rack on left was picked up at an estate sale and holds smaller pictures for sale on eBay.

Primary area holding items for sale on eBay. Each unit and shelf has a location ID and shelves are “1” at top and “5” at bottom, so locations are put at end of the eBay description, like “F5”.

Shelf with tapes, stretch wrap and labels.

A mix of raw bulk cardboard, frames and eBay inventory. 

Some of the larger pictures for sale, all bagged or stretch wrapped with moisture / silica packets to prevent foxing and moisture damage.

Those are the main areas.

I also have a space separated out where I keep 2 cars and am setting up a workshop to do the molding cutting and assembly. A work in progress, but coming along quickly. I now have 4 of the Stanley 400 Corner Clamps, the gold standard.

Framers standard corner vice, Stanley 400, now have 4 of them.

The vodka display is a future store decor.

Was a pricey little thing, but pleased with the AMP Miter Disc Sander, nice to have when you need it.

A few more recent pictures:

New miter saw and fence.

Because I can. The will go into the retail store when I find the right location.

Cart addition.



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