New Product: Black 12” LP Record Album Frame, 15” x 15” Square, Contemporary Wood, Made-to-Order

I have been working on a new frame product to offer in low runs and made-to-order. It is a frame to hold  a 12” LP record album (without the sleeve). I finished it up Friday and pleased with the outcome. This has been a project for a few months and slowly working on the mounting aspect and cost controls. I ame going to give Etsy a try with this and see where it goes, listed here.

This is a made-to-order black contemporary square frame made to nicely present a 12” LP record album (not the sleeve, just the vinyl album). The overall dimensions are 15 1/8” high x 15 1/8” wide x 3/4” deep, the new mat board and glass interior size of the frame is 14” high x 14” wide. New quality molding with scratch free recovered glass. New Acrylic/Plexiglass is available upon request at no charge. 

There is enough room behind the mat board to store the record sleeve and should you not desire to do so, will need to add a similarly sized spacer (a 12” x 12” cardboard sheet will do. The sleeve is hidden and will not be visible, just stored with the record. 

Inserting the record is as simple as rotating the clasps around the edge. You will place your album in the center and insert a plastic rivet to hold it centered. There is a foam core backing that the rivet will also insert into. The album sleeve can optionally be placed behind the foam core which will then get covered by an a black mat board. Finally, make sure the album is oriented to your liking and insert the stack back into the frame and rotate the clasps back.

The back has a wire hanger but can use a saw-tooth hanger along the top upon request at no charge. There will be two bumpers at the bottom two corners.

When you order, please provide the 4-digit color code off of the Cresent Store for the Select product line at , by default, I will ship with a Red mat board but likely will just reach out to you to confirm or you can just tell me what your looking for.

If interested in the matching frame for the album sleeve, let me know as that is in the works and will be same price, same dimensions and options (less the center plastic rivet).

This is the basic look of the album cover frame, but will be black like record frame and have the removable back, but you get the idea.



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