Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #3

Here is the third volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #2. For pricing information, go here.

This was an inexpensive but nice picture my daughter bought at auction that needed a new dust cover and hanging hardware.

A really nice multi medium sea gull signed short run print, love it.

This is a few framing projects for some of our auction friends. The map picture has glass on both sides so they can show the back if desired. Was a hand-made frame and there is a second one that is larger. Turned out to be more work than expected, but came out good. My amateur PhotoShop skills accidentally removed their heads.

Not for sale.

This was just a quick frame I made from a recovered cut down frame for a print Zabrina liked.

Not for sale.

Hiroyuki Tajima (Japanese, 1911-1984) “Capricious Red” Abstract Woodcut 1976. Got this at Rummage Warehouse and a great barn find. Had a good Japanese frame available in right size and replaced glass and new matting and backing. Sold quickly on eBay.

Got this pair of signed Japanese prints at OMT auction as well. One had glass broke and matting needed to be replaced. Went with a double mat beige outer and black inner. Really liking the new mat board cutter and getting nice clean corners, also tweaked alignment for accuracy and was effective. These are the original frames, but had to re-glue some corners, they had nails in them already so opted to not use the V -nails. Used the heavier dark gray backing paper. Everything is acid free on this.

For sale on eBay here.

Got this at OMT auction for a few dollars, just on cardboard but liked it, was dated 1976. Found an older frame with good patina and reduced it. Learned the thinner the frame is, the more challenging the miter and joining is. Pleased with outcome though.

Picked this 1984 Wonder Woman puzzle up at an estate sale, figured I would refine my puzzle framing, pleased with it. 

For sale on eBay here.

I got this at One Man’s Treasure Auction for a few dollars. Glass was broken and the back was horrible. It was dry mounted and added a black Ultra-Black mat board to the back like I normally do with metal framed. Added better hanger hardware and new wire. When I looked closer, found out it was hand signed.  I used to live in Charleston and graduated college there…Steven Jordan is a popular artist in that area.

For sale on eBay here.

This was a framing project for one of my first customers. He had 2 souvenir documents (declaration of independence and bill of rights). We decided to mount together into a single frame and I found a nice oak frame at Rummage Warehouse in Wilson, NC which I was able to resize as one of my first resizing efforts. Pleased with the outcome but a couple lessons learned. First I cut one of the bevels in the wrong direction but fortunately was able to recover with minimal cosmetic impact, but its not perfect. The other thing was that I should have glued the frame in a strap clamp BEFORE I used the V-Nails, but again, fortunately the outcome was still pretty good. 

Not for sale.

This is the second which was also a recovery and resize. Excellent outcome. Used new acid-free light gray dust cover too.

Some framing from one of my first framing customers and previous colleague. Getting used to the entry and exit points on the new mat cutter, the first 2 would be about $21 each as completely using existing frames, glass and mat, etc. The last about $61.

This is a signed limited edition print by R. York which is strikingly similar to a Richard Burns piece named Country Mill. I wanted to retain the mats, so just refreshed the backing foam core, put new dust cover on along with new hardware. The original backing had no center support and there was distancing between the mat and the print, the update helped, although not 100%, but a ton better. Estimated price for the refresh framing is $10.

For sale on eBay here.

Below is a 1980 American Dance Festival poster which I got at auction and had a gold metal frame. Decided to just keep the frame, but cleaned the glass, added a black backing board and replaced hardware with some used wire holders that I had for this style frame. It has some water damage on the bottom of the print, so may go back later and do a mat cut similar to what I did with the Myron Rosenberg Alaska poster to hold the water damage and will also make it much more attractive. Estimated price for the refresh is $10.

For sale on eBay here.

This is my first framed puzzle, a Little Abner by Al Capp 1951. Puzzle is not in great shape, but doing this for a friend. Spent about $7 on the mat board and had rest of the materials hanging around. The frame wasn’t the perfect size, but compensated with an offset opening and double matting. Needed the inner mat with a straight cut to hold the puzzle in place as no glue or tape was used on the puzzle itself. I did a little touch ups on the puzzle to a point, but that is not my expertise, so just a touch here and there you should be able to spot. Estimated price for the framing is $28. The recipient seemed to like it a lot.

Not for sale.



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