Zen, Philosphy, and SecondMoonshot - Organic(ish) Quotes

Having nothing better to do, figured I would capture some of my greatest thoughts since they come so few and far between. One day you may find one of these gems in a quotation book in your bathroom. “It’s not that ‘Life Got In The Way’, but that it ‘Is Life’. So embrace the good, the sorrowful, the bad.”    -me, on life in general “The best part about working for yourself is that you can do the right thing without fear of getting fired.”    -me, on starting a business “There is no  quicker way to learn something than to lose money at it.”    -me, on eBay selling “Love me for what I am and not what I could be.”   -me, whenever Zabrina tries to change me, inspired by my sister who told me “you’ve become the man you should have been” “The joy is in the journey, not the destination.”   -probably not me, but the dream and execution is so much more fun than attainment. Just core to my happiness. “The employee is the most important asset to the company, The customer is the most important asse

R.I.P. Trooper

Carrianne’s Pit Bull “Trooper” passed away yesterday. He was diagnosed with aggressive cancer on National Dog Day (Aug 26, 2022) and passed 2 days later. A great companion to my daughter and to all the family and friends. This guy was a class act. Trooper, Carrianne and myself made a trek across the US taking a large portion of Route 66 in “Biggie” (her Jeep)…Trooper wasn’t just part of the trip, he was the trip.  Just some picture of remembrance that I have….I know Carrie has thousands of photos, so much that she filled up her phone. A void not easily (if ever) filled. A few things about Trooper that come to mind: He loved bow ties, particularly the gold one. Class act Loved squirrels, birds, and cats…ok, maybe a little too much Super friendly to the smaller dogs (under dogs if you will) Came from an abusive background and was a adopted by Carrianne and given many years of happiness, love, and companionship He liked spooning, but touching during the spooning process was off limits! At