Zen, Philosphy, and SecondMoonshot - Organic Quotes

Having nothing better to do, figured I would capture some of my greatest thoughts since they come so few and far between. One day you may find one of these gems in a quotation book in your bathroom.

“It’s not that ‘Life Got In The Way’, but that it ‘Is Life’. So embrace the good, the sorrowful, the bad.” 

  -me, on life in general

“The best part about working for yourself is that you can do the right thing without fear of getting fired.” 

  -me, on starting a business

“There is no  quicker way to learn something than to lose money on it.” 

  -me, on eBay selling

“Love me for what I am and not what I could be.”

  -me, whenever Zabrina tries to change me, inspired by my sister who told me “you’ve become the man you should have been”



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