SecondMoonshot Storage/Warehouse Update #4

Some minor upgrades to warehouse (storage unit) courtesy of One Man’s Treasure (OMT). 

Cool vintage toolbox for my framing tools. 

Nice Modelo wall decor. Need to find a mini fridge next I guess.

Tape moistener not from OMT, but from Amazon (cheapest one they had, not cheap), so I can use the branded moisten and stick reinforced tape that my VP of Branding and Marketing got. That’s water, not Vodka (any more)…Burnett’s rules. 

Got these little stackable metal shelves for simple storage.

Got the table for $1 and with some reinforcement underneath and hardboard covering, will do nicely and like the added height over the folding table.

Some recent overall pictures:

I go through a lot of bubble wrap.

Each shelving unit gets a letter assigned and combined with shelf number, becomes the location I store at the end of the item description, I.e. “C3”. Notice everything is lightly wrapped to prevent damaged costs a little more, but worth it to me.

I don’t have WiFi at the unit, but the HP direct connect WiFi works great. I do 100% of the work off my iPhone.

Work table where I pack and do framing.

Simple workstation and weighing.

A panorama shot. I made a rack to hold large frames and put casters on it for easy future movement.

Check out the cool desk I got for $10. It is an accordion table and closed is the size of an end table and expanded opens to about 12 feet long.



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