UPS and USPS Damaged Shipment Log for 2022, 2023, and 2024 - Last Updated February 17, 2024

I am going to use this to document damaged shipments going forward. I went back and found a few other damaged shipping items and added them to cover all of 2022 and 2023.

Almost all damage is via UPS Ground. Considering moving to FedEx. Roughly my damage rate is 0.5% as I ship about 200 packages a month and have less than 1 damage a month.

#8 - Feb 17, 2024

Well, went ALMOST a year with no damaged pictures, but got this one today that was shipped via UPS Ground and was approx 33" x 40" x 5". It was a large signed and numbered Tom Darro print, "Woman Who Dreamed of White Wolf". Honestly, don't think there was much more I could have practically done, it almost looks like it was just dropped flat pretty hard from the shatter pattern. Of course will do anything necessary to compensate customer and discussing options they would like to take.

#7 - Mar 16, 2023

1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic XIII Ice Figure Skating Poster 20” X 30” #SH

This was a poster shipped USPS in a new shipping tube. Everything was done correctly relative to packaging and protection from a practical standpoint and just proves the point that there will always be damages on occasion and some things are out of the sellers control. Customer was refunded immediately, and I did not pursue a claim.

A 3.5 month damage-free streak comes to an end.

#6 - Nov 29, 2022

Vintage Rand McNally World Globe W/Imperial Edition Atlas, 1972

Almost 3 months with no damage. This went UPS Ground. This was a bit awkward to pack, lesson learned is I probably should have went with a double layer box and peanut fill on the void. Gave buyer full refund, they are attempting repair. 

#5 - Aug 11, 2022

Cravings By Chrissy Teigen Lidded Clay Pot With Bronze Tone Lid, 10”d X 9”h #JS

Shame this piece got damaged. I super packed it because I knew the shape increased the risk. Was shipped UPS Ground but looks like near abusive handling. Immediate full refund to buyer.

#4 - Jul 29, 2022

Clear Heavy Stained (or Non-Stained) Glass Panel Hanging 18” X 22” #SH

This stained glass piece was shipped UPS Ground. A great piece that I decided to do an auction format and it did well. I packed it to the best of my ability but UPS must have dropped it on its sides to where a few panels cracked. Because there is really no frame to offer support, the pressure transferred to the points where there are perpendicular joints. Lesson learned is that while my cocoon packing method is tight, it offers no give. So I think I can compensate by adding an additional cardboard layer on both sides giving a 3/4 pocket on all sides before the picture takes tension. Another option is to sandwich the stained glass between 2 larger cardboard sheets and staple around the edges. Customer was very nice about the situation and left complimentary feedback.  She was refunded in full immediately including shipping (before she left feedback). No claim filed.

#3 - Jun 2, 2022

David Hockney "Mt. Fuji and Flowers" Print/Poster Metropolitan Museum of Art #SH

No lesson learned and customer stated they thought it was very well packaged, UPS just handled this hard and the glass was shattered and also damaged the underlying print; we think they must have dropped from a distance. Customer was immediately issued a full refund including shipment. This was also medium size print and packaged it to the best possible I could with normal multiple layers and method I document here. I hate doing claims, but if it becomes a trend, I will start doing that.

#2 - May 14, 2022

Decoline Hand Made And Painted Oval Mirror 18.5”h X 13”w Leather Inset Resin #SH

This was damaged and also shipped by UPS, I think it was packed appropriately but customer identified a crack that I missed on the item which was the root cause, so closer inspection would be my lesson learned. Customer given full refund plus shipping. 

#1 - March 31, 2022

Signed, Steve Penley, Churchill Never Give In Poster/Art, 22”w x 29”h [A]

This was shipped USPS Priority. Customer reported that they received the roll with one end cap off. This went out with both end caps and also taped 2 times on each end.  Now I tape it 6 times and put an additional strip of tape around the roll on each end. They determined it was still ok to frame and only damaged a corner and no refund was issued.



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