Free Shipping Supplies - An Extreme Example

If you have been reading some of my blog entries regarding shipping, you will have recognized I am very cost conscious. Today, Z and I went to Costco for a few weekly groceries and I got heavily distracted by the large blank cardboard sheets between the product layers on the pallets. I ended up with 17 sheets only to realize that we had driven the Porsche 911 and had no way to get them home without folding. So folding we proceeded to do, and of course I had a great up front parking spot so attracted a few chuckles from the peanut crowdI’m sure. I will use these for backing boards and when I need a custom box, mat board backing sheets for the Logan cutter, or book backing blanks. Again, these were free. The Costco clerk told me as we approached the register they were $1 a piece…yeah, funny lady…she got me. 

Ok, I kind of look homeless. Sorry, this is me, for better or for worse…currently for worse.

An even more extreme example, fortunately we had the SUV this time, probably 20+ sheets. Key pro tip was to seek out a large box top style piece to then lay all the other pieces in, so much easier.



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