DIY Project - Vintage Tool Cleaning and Rust Removal - Evapo-Rust

I bought several lots of vintage tools at auction…some good, some just some tools. But I wanted to clean off the rust before I listed some of them so after watching some YouTube videos and seeing what I had and needed, came up with this contraption. No DeWalt was injured in the process. 

Iteration #1

Used a lot of zip ties and will improve down the road. I wanted to do a hanging implementation as sounds like it will agitate better.

Pictures of the ultrasonic cleaner DIY (ok, agitator):

The bucket is a safety in case something goes wrong and the container somehow comes off. It is held on with Velcro but wasn’t too confident so added some zip ties as well. I had an old plate for the sander and bolted that to the lid and put Velcro on it as well.

For solution, went to Harbor Freight and got Evapo-Rust and we’ll see how that works, kinda pricey at $30 for a gallon (or less), so hopefully you get what you pay for. Also got some CLR to try for larger items as I can mix with water.


Well, never got to the cleaning part, as I was typing up the initial blog post, several zip ties broke. Glad I had the bucket. A little too creative of an initial effort. There was also a small amount of liquid that came out of the lid seal, but the bucket handled it and easy enough to address with just using a little less solution . Oh, and it was loud, glad the wife is out of town for a few days.

Iteration #2

Decided to go simple and back to basics. I had a tie down strap with a simple friction clasp and just wrapped it around the bucket and sander. I feel better about this implementation.


Well it worked, sorta. Cleaned well, but then the Velcro and plastic holder melted  but, turns out the evapo-rust is so good I really didn’t need this and will just do with no agitation. Moving on.

Evapo-Rust at Harbor Freight costs about $30 per gallon, the stuff is awesome. Thumbs up, don’t even need to mess with agitation and its re-usable. 



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