SecondMoonshot Storage/Warehouse Update #5

While I was leaving the storage unit/warehouse today, I saw a larger 15’ x 30’ unit (No climate control) become available and jumped on it to upgrade my current 10’ x 30’. This will be to store 2 cars but also an expansion opportunity to put some inventory in there which doesn’t require climate control. Additionally, I can clear out some of my woodworking tools out of our garage and make a framing workshop in there as well, giving me about 150 sqft to play with. It’s 2 buildings over and a short stroll from the other unit. The best part is it has TWO roll up doors so I can get either car out without having to move the other car, maybe I’ll drive Goldie more than once a year now. 

The reason I only use this facility is the presence of power in all units. I can put a light bulb adapter in the light and plug in my battery trickle chargers and light electricals. 

Life is Good.

Below are a few tools setup in the unit:

Building out a work bench for DeWalt Miter saw and framing molding fence.  Logan had a cost effective one (model F100-5) that is now discontinued but found one from online seller that still had a few.  Needed to be cost effective, but should still be very good given a quality miter saw. The “workbench” is actually a high dining room table I got at auction for $10. Very sturdy and can’t beat the price…wood has gotten expensive.



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