Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #1

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When I was young, I remember my father cutting mat board for some framing. Later when I was in college in Charleston SC, I worked for (now closed) John Huguley Co. selling art supplies, office supplies and furniture. They also did custom framing and let me dabble a little ever now and then. Recently at one of the JMS estates sales, they had a mat board cutter, lots of plexiglass and other framing supplies, so I bought them. 

Yesterday, I did my first project which I think came out really well and think I will start doing this on a limited basis and see how it goes. The mat cuts came out much crisper with no overcuts, better than I was expecting. Recently I had a double opening cut mat board framed at Michael’s and that little project cost me over $200; similar to the The Weaver Gallery Steve Steigman Porsche poster (below) which I did myself, but a little less complex than Micheal’s work. That was for the frame, glass and most of it was actually for just the mat board since it had 2 openings in it, on top of that, it was wrong and I had to make corrections myself. Having the tools I now have, I could have done it myself with better results for probably around $75 at most.

If you want to take a chance on getting something framed with mat board, glass or plexiglass then contact me. The first few I do will be at a very low cost ($50 plus cost of materials regardless of mat cut complexity) and if we can use some of the frames that I purchase which are silver and gold aluminum frames, then will do it at a very attractive price. If you don’t like it, I can do it over or you wont be charged and you get original art work back (but I keep materials).

Some other framing originals, prints and posters:

Bought this at an eBay auction and poster was in excellent condition. Read more about it here. For sale on eBay here.

The Jean Hight Dragonfly watercolor is also for sale, although priced high enough to let Zabrina enjoy it for a good long while. For sale on eBay here.

The James Jennings poster I got at a Hoy Auction in Wake Forest, NC. He’s also an author of erotica novels I think, but seemed like an artful piece. Also for sale on eBay here.

Did the below for my daughter (probono), so not for sale.

Found this at Rummage Warehouse and liked the poster, so re-framed it. Read more here. For sale on eBay here.

Roger Lewis digital art print, think I got from a local professional photographers estate sale. Used some remaining Curry mat board which matched well. Not selling this one, was a housewarming gift for my oldest. 

This was a picture we got at an estate sale and decided to keep, but framing kind of sucked. Use existing stock for all of it.

This is a picture I found which was signed at a local high end thrift vintage store. Liked it and used existing materials. For sale on eBay here.

I picked up this pair at an auction but glass was broken in one and the frames were tired. I had some frames in 16” x 20” I got at an estate sale and had glass. Reused the cloth backing and added foam core (new) and papered the back. Had some used eyelets with new wire. Not real wood, but still an attractive pair. For sale on eBay here.

This limited edition photo by Mark Haynes I picked up with a small lot of picture was the photo and signed map and recovered a nice gold frame and did a nice backing  the info sheet was already on foam core but didn’t want to cut it off, so I cut a window in the Kraft paper. This is for Zabrina so not for sale.

Here are some future projects. Some I will sell, some may keep. Not worth much, just like the pictures and the framing will add to my experience. Probably hang them around the warehouse/storage unit but may sell the James Dean which probably has some value even if it is glued to the foam core. I have a growing box of nice prints too.

Let me know if you interested in any of them and I can move them along more quickly.


Continued in Volume #2.



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