Framing Project - 1988 Scenic Wonders, Myron Rosenberg, Matususka Valley, Alaska - Poster

Found this poster at Rummage Warehouse in Wilson, NC and it had a little foxing but thought a nice mat cut would keep this relevant. New frame (Nielsen Brushed Copper Profile 11), new plexiglass, new mat board Crescent 9519 Curry with multiple cuts to hide foxing but also to emphasize text (my daughter said the gold really brings out her butt), and new black backing to hide white foam core cradle and I just find the black backing to add a touch of class - I had some existing foam core and built the cradle and glue gunned the backing board to the cradle for stability then placed the poster in it, so no glue on the poster portion. It was already mounted on foam core so had to build a foam core template cradle around it to handle the larger frame. It took me 2 tries to get it good enough with mat board.

Picture is not particularly valuable although very nice piece of photography, but have about $115 in costs plus about 4 to 6 hours in framing labor. Doubt you could get framed like this for less than $250 even at Michaels and they struggle with complex cuts like this and if they screw up, your on the hook for the scrap of mat board left over because it wasn’t properly fit.

It’s not perfect, the bottom with Myron Rosenberg is a tiny fraction too large and when cutting the plexiglass, there are 2 small cracks that come out of the border and will leave it as its not too bad, but pleased with outcome.



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