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Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #2

Here is a second volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #1 . For pricing information, go here . I think I picked up this Greg Smith (Walterboro, SC) photograph at auction. Had an existing preowned frame in great shape and also had TruVue UV glass as a bonus, better than the tacky navy blue one it had. Left the existing mat because it was signed although not a fan of black core. Added a black mat covering on back and affixed the bio. Left existing hardware as it was just fine. Estimated price for the refresh would be $19.   SOLD. For sale on eBay here . A couple consignment pictures that needed to have some new backing boards, dust covers and hardware. Glass, matting and frame are original. The japanese Mt. Fuji picture had a very old framing label that looked cool, so repaired with with document repair tape and added to the back. For some reason unknown to me, I decided I would not affix my framing label to consignment frames I refreshed.  Contact me if any interest until

Read The eBay Detailed Description

I got my first neutral review feedback from an eBay aBuyer. A relatively new eBayer that didn't read the description and thought they were getting 2 bowls vs the clearly states ONE bowl. I gave them a full refund before I could talk myself out of it and then requested a revision to correct. They may or may not but didn't want that to influence my decision and mantra that if a buyer is not 100% satisfied, they get a full refund. They never reached out to me or anything…future buyers: let me know if not 100%, if I can’t get you there…full refund (or option B, don’t communicate, give poor review feedback and get blocked)…I blocked them. Moving on. They have since revised the neutral feedback, but will stay blocked.  This makes me wonder if some demented eBay buyer uses the negative or neutral feedback to hold the seller hostage, trying to get full refund to have the less than positive feedback removed. There are all kinds. Who knows….I may have just encounter one of them.

Sold - Hoover Concept One

Very cool. He got this for $0.99 and paid a lot for shipping to the UK…committed to his craft and have tremendous respect for that.  Thanks, John

eBay Sales Cycles, Best Times of the Month and Week To Sell

  Most of this is common sense but like everything else, may have variations depending on category. I have been looking over the sales trends for about a year since and now that I am setting most of my listings as Promoted Listings, it makes it easier to see monthly and weekly sales trends.  Observations: Common paycheck periods definitely have a major play with 1st and 15th of the month (starting a day before) being the biggest sales periods of the month, especially for higher priced listings. But I have found to take the best advantage of it, have your listings posted a week in advance if possible. I did a large number of listings 2 days before the end of the month and they seemed to have missed the wave. People have probably already made up their minds days in advance on bigger purchases. Government paychecks go every 2 weeks and can be found pretty easily with a Google Search . Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are generally the worst days of the week with it bottoming out on Tuesdays.

Framing Project - 1988 Scenic Wonders, Myron Rosenberg, Matususka Valley, Alaska - Poster

For Sale (listed on eBay in the SecondMoonshot store ) Found this poster at Rummage Warehouse in Wilson, NC and it had a little foxing but thought a nice mat cut would keep this relevant. New frame (Nielsen Brushed Copper Profile 11), new plexiglass, new mat board Crescent 9519 Curry with multiple cuts to hide foxing but also to emphasize text (my daughter said the gold really brings out her butt), and new black backing to hide white foam core cradle and I just find the black backing to add a touch of class - I had some existing foam core and built the cradle and glue gunned the backing board to the cradle for stability then placed the poster in it, so no glue on the poster portion. It was already mounted on foam core so had to build a foam core template cradle around it to handle the larger frame. It took me 2 tries to get it good enough with mat board. Picture is not particularly valuable although very nice piece of photography, but have about $115 in costs plus about 4 to 6 hours in