SecondMoonshot eBay Policies

Last updated: 5/19/2022 jsl


Payment for purchases should be paid within 48 hours from sale. I know eBay now allows 96 hours to pay but buying an item 4 days early (probably 4 days before your next pay check then paying at the last minute is bad mojo…at least communicate with me to give me some faith).  You may get the item, but also a fast track to my Blocked Buyer list. My point being: Don’t buy it if you don’t have the money at time of purchase. After that, the order will be cancelled on your behalf and re-listed unless you have made a communication and agreement otherwise or informed me that you are bidding on another auction or purchase within 3 days. I communicate heavily and encourage the same from buyers. If you pay for it, I have to ship it within 24 hours or it will negatively affect my rating.

I am very accommodating, if you simply communicate, I will do anything to help.

Combining Orders

If you wish to combine multiple orders, do not pay until you receive an invoice which shows the combined shipping. If you pay before the request to combine, then the only way to address the cost savings will be through a refund which is not my preference and I can only combine additional purchases up until the next shipping cycle. You should contact me via eBay messaging within 2 hours of the first auction close or Buy It Now purchase (BEFORE ANY PAYMENT) with your intention to pursue further items, but you are encouraged to contact me hours or days prior to the first auction closing. I will combine orders up to a max of a 4 day span. I will normally automatically combine if you order on same day by default and refund the savings. Once you pay, I have to ship within 24 hours.

Keep in mind I am always looking ahead at ending auctions/pending orders and pre-packaging items. Any advance notice you can provide on combining or special requests are appreciated.


I will accept returns for ANY reason up to 30 days of sale (more if your nice). I will pay return shipping unless the listing specifically calls out that return shipping is not covered or you are international. Returns will be handled through the eBay standard return process and all formal messaging through eBay messaging. The message is simple, if the item is not what you expected, damaged, doesn’t match the listing, or you just need the money….I will accept the return no questions asked in the same condition in which you received it. I do not normally give partial refunds…you are either 100% satisfied, or you are not.

What I do ask is that you DO NOT return the item without confirmation first from me; sometimes is just more cost effective for you to keep the item and do what you will with it.


I have exceptional skills at packaging and will spare no packaging cost at the risk of package and delivery damage. I do not “over state” package weight to make an additional profit and any overage does not even cover the cost of supplies (tape, boxes, wrapping paper, foam, etc.). Any item 1 lb or lower will ship USPS First Class and anything above that will generally ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.  There are a few exceptions for large and heavy items in which the most favorable rates are those presented (Fedex, USPS, UPS, etc). Should I change the shipping method after the sale, I will inform the buyer prior to delivery and it will NEVER mean that an additional cost will be passed onto the buyer (I usually do this for small differences in which I can minimize my transportation costs and convenience). I will communicate to the buyer only for a change in carrier…or I just know it is safer to use one service over another. If I upgrade from your shipment from USPS First Class to Priority Mail or USPS Priority Flat Rate, I will not notify you. If the shipping seems too high, please reach out via eBay messaging to see if cheaper (tracked) options are available such as USPS Priority Flat Rate or UPS Ground. I will never lower a level of service below what a customer paid for.

Insurance is at my sole discretion since I maintain all the risk (you get refunded regardless). I only ship through services that can be tracked an provide delivery confirmation.

Please consider shipping costs in your bids as I normally do not provide free shipping. Sales which result in non-payment usually are immediately put on the Blocked Buyers list.

Note on Comic Books: I will not ship comic books via USPS Media Mail and will use the above methods as noted (typically USPS First Class and Priority Mail as appropriate). Gemini mailers are used for 9 or less books (provided they fit) - the books will always be bagged and boarded (TPBs usually just as they are) and they are taped down with painters tape to minimize movement - never taped to the original object). More than will fit in a Gemini mailer will go into a 12 x 8 x 3 Kraft box is used with books sandwiched between 2 corrugated cardboard sheets and wrapped in bubble wrap, then voids filled with wrapping paper or other material -or- something equally as protective. 

Note on Books: For the majority of books, I will wrap them in a new sheet of wrapping paper and tape that wrapped book to a heavy backing board on both sides (larger than the book to protect corners if dropped). Then that is placed in an appropriately sized bubble mailer. Multiple books will normally get wrapped with wrapping paper, then bubble wrap, then placed into an appropriately sized Kraft box. Details here.

Note on Medium and Large Pictures: I recommend UPS Ground for medium and large pictures. It is cheaper and they tend to handle them better. Same holds true for large and heavy packages. I am highly skilled an packing large pictures and can do so confidently. Details here.

Note on Signed items: I guarantee the authenticity of the signature in perpetuity to the original purchaser.  If it is ever determined by an autograph authentication company such as PSA/DNA to be fake, you may return the item at that time for a full refund of the purchase price including shipping (the authentication service costs will not be refunded). You will be asked to provide supporting documentation. If you determine it is not authentic independently, you can provide me your supporting evidence for review and outcome will be determined at my sole discretion.

Special Requests: Reasonable special requests are accepted but not guaranteed to be approved (although rarely necessary) provided you contact me within 1 hour of auction close (or purchase) and no additional cost is incurred by the seller (again, me).


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