Custom Picture Framing

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We are located in Rolesville / Wake Forest, NC with a small design office in Spring Hope, NC supporting, Lake Royale, Bunn, Louisburg, Zebulon, and surrounding areas.

We are a low-volume custom picture framer and primarily work from referrals, although do some light advertising on Facebook seeking a few new customers. I prefer the lower volume as I like to give all my focus and attention to the customer’s project at hand. I started doing this in 2021 as a need to frame or restore items I had purchased and resold on eBay. I got enticed by Michael’s “80% discount”, but was so turned off by the result of their work, determined I could do it better (which I can….and cheaper). 

Turns out I liked the framing more than I liked the eBay aspects, so working to transition to this craft as my primary work. Something about creating the surround to someone’s special art or memorabilia and having it hang on their wall and appreciated every day which was special to me. 

I make no claim at being an expert after only a few years….that said, I am pretty confident in my growing skills, that I will literally guarantee your satisfaction. Either making it right or returning your piece.

My skills continue to build and confidence in abilities with joining, mat board cutting and mounting providing customers a very affordable custom framing service. You can see the growing portfolio of my work starting here and following through the volumes. In addition to all new materials, I also source used quality vintage frames and glass from local auctions and keep the best frames and only reuse glass with no scratches passing the savings on for those more cost conscious - it’s an option which I offer as custom framing can get VERY expensive. I take pride in my work and like it to look as good from the back as it does from the front.

I will also work with materials you bring for additional cost savings or specific design looks your trying to achieve. 

I offer LIFETIME MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS at cost plus $10 service charge and cost of any purchased materials. This includes broken frame, glass, torn dust cover or anything. This does require the original picture is still with the original frame and my dated framing sticker is affixed to the back for proof of origin (so Yes, by definition, it is transferable). 

If you just want a little refresh like glass replacement, new dust cover (the Kraft paper backing) or hardware, I can do that as well pretty quickly even if I didn’t do the original framing. I also do frame repairs (remounting or repair broken frame / glass / mirrors), or upgrade any component like frame, mat boards, or glass.

And finally…SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will correct any issues or you can cancel the order and you pay nothing, but I do keep all materials I have provided or purchased on your behalf.

Contact me to review your piece and desires and I can give you an estimate.

Turn around time for new materials work is approximately 2 weeks.



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