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Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #2

Here is a second volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #1 . For pricing information, go here . I think I picked up this Greg Smith (Walterboro, SC) photograph at auction. Had an existing preowned frame in great shape and also had TruVue UV glass as a bonus, better than the tacky navy blue one it had. Left the existing mat because it was signed although not a fan of black core. Added a black mat covering on back and affixed the bio. Left existing hardware as it was just fine. Estimated price for the refresh would be $19.   SOLD. For sale on eBay here . A couple consignment pictures that needed to have some new backing boards, dust covers and hardware. Glass, matting and frame are original. The japanese Mt. Fuji picture had a very old framing label that looked cool, so repaired with with document repair tape and added to the back. For some reason unknown to me, I decided I would not affix my framing label to consignment frames I refreshed.  Contact me if any interest until

Things I Tend to Buy for Resale

Nothing is off limits for the most part, but I find myself gravitating on a consistent basis to certain things. I don’t really follow the analytics on “what sells” and “the best categories”. I stick with things that interest me and have proven to provide profit/selling history, highly unique, represent my brand or at least enjoyment in having them for a period. So here are some of my favorites - all contingent that I can get at a reasonable cost: China Sets and Singles: I am doing some “replacement” business on a limited scale, but enjoy finding good sets, in excellent condition, no chips or crazing, and a pattern that is generally classic or has some sales history to anchor to.  Signed and Limited Edition Prints: I will do an occasional unsigned print here and there if the subject matter and framing is nice, but generally I tend to focus on limited editions with lower numbers of copies and hand signed. I am staying away from flowers and stuff and leaning more toward abstracts and nice

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #1

For pricing information, go here . When I was young, I remember my father cutting mat board for some framing. Later when I was in college in Charleston SC, I worked for (now closed) John Huguley Co. selling art supplies, office supplies and furniture. They also did custom framing and let me dabble a little ever now and then. Recently at one of the JMS estates sales, they had a mat board cutter, lots of plexiglass and other framing supplies, so I bought them.  Yesterday, I did my first project which I think came out really well and think I will start doing this on a limited basis and see how it goes. The mat cuts came out much crisper with no overcuts, better than I was expecting. Recently I had a double opening cut mat board framed at Michael’s and that little project cost me over $200; similar to the The Weaver Gallery Steve Steigman Porsche poster (below) which I did myself, but a little less complex than Micheal’s work. That was for the frame, glass and most of it was actually for j