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A Week in the Life of SecondMoonshot

I thought I would document what a typical week is like for me with SecondMoonshot. I’ll start with Monday and close with Sunday. This will be a live blog post and will update as I progress through the week of May 16th to 22nd, 2022. Monday Monday through Thursday are mostly days filled with posting new listing from purchases acquired over the weekend. I start the week with creating new listings on my iPad. I normally will have all the items filtered in the great room downstairs an sort between garbage, donate/yard sale and resale by Monday morning. Garbage goes in garbage, donate/yard sale goes in attic waiting for the next neighborhood yard sale, and resale goes into the office for new listings. Zabrina hates when I have the piles in the living room for too long so have to have everything moved by Sunday night.  Purchases will have come from One Man’s Treasure Auctions primarily, consignments I picked up the prior week, with an occasional estate sale or thrift store thrown in. I usual

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #2

Here is a second volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #1 . For pricing information, go here . I think I picked up this Greg Smith (Walterboro, SC) photograph at auction. Had an existing preowned frame in great shape and also had TruVue UV glass as a bonus, better than the tacky navy blue one it had. Left the existing mat because it was signed although not a fan of black core. Added a black mat covering on back and affixed the bio. Left existing hardware as it was just fine. Estimated price for the refresh would be $19.   SOLD. For sale on eBay here . A couple consignment pictures that needed to have some new backing boards, dust covers and hardware. Glass, matting and frame are original. The japanese Mt. Fuji picture had a very old framing label that looked cool, so repaired with with document repair tape and added to the back. For some reason unknown to me, I decided I would not affix my framing label to consignment frames I refreshed.  Contact me if any interest until