1986 Porsche 944 Turbo going to Hoy Auction mid-September 2023

Auction is live! No reserve.

While picking up a few items at the last Hoy Auction, ran into Jay and we discussed auctioning one of my Porsches. I need the space and opted to let the 944 go. 

It’s an online auction and when live, you should see it listed here on Hibid.

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

VIN: WP0AA0954GN155745

2dr Coupe, 4-cyl. 2479cc/220hp Bosch FI

Burgundy exterior and interior. Electric sunroof (works).

True Mileage Unknown (TMU), although estimated between 160k - 170k assuming it was working continuous prior to latest ownership. Used as a daily driver for a few years after I spent a few years improving reliability.

Purchased by latest owner in late 2018. 

Binder of work done during current ownership is included, although no documentation prior. Clutch seems good and really hasn’t changed in feel or issues since ownership, timing belt was done recently prior to current owner taking ownership and was adjusted as part of initial inspection/work. Interior is reasonably good with some minor cracks on dash (patina?). No notable rust observed.

Includes: 2 sets of keys (doors are keyed different from ignition), box of many original parts, steering wheel, new brake pads, original floor “Turbo” mats and more. Center caps for wheels are in the box of parts (I have had one lost/stolen, so just keep them off).

Updates/Repairs (most done by current owner): Momo Prototipo steering wheel, Coco Mats, Radio/Speaker Removal (no original as it was an aftermarket anyway and broken), Replace Engine Hood Insulation, Replace Rear Shocks with Koni Sport Shocks, Replace Shifter Leather Boot and Shifter, Replace Windshield (with Sekurit brand), Replace door seals, Upgrade to Heavy Duty Starter, Fuel Injector Cleaning (through WitchHunter), Rear Wiper Delete, Silicone Seal Around Rear Window, Replace Cooling Fan, Rebuild Front Caliper, Replace Ignition Switch/Housing, Replace Visor Clips, Replace Camshaft Position Sensor, Repair Sunroof Bracket, Differential fluid change, Replace Door Handle Seals, and normal wear items/regular maintenance.

Known Issues: Turbo only produces 1.2 bar (approx 1/2), Exhaust cracked at junction and re-welded, although 2 bolts to manifold were stripped and unable to tap (1 on upper and 1 on lower), Slow power steering fluid leak (sometimes will leak to ground if parked nose-up at angle), Slow oil leak (no spots on ground, but oil sometimes gather in lower engine cover. Seat position for driver side is “stuck” in current position, passenger seat will move (with great effort). This engine by nature runs hot and is more appropriate as a 3-season car (not typically run in peak summer). A/C works (kinda) but not used as it takes some power away. 



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