Cosco Run Yields 32 Cardboard Sheets! (Now 58!)

I am always looking for cardboard and while I can often find people giving away boxes for free, ideally I like to use large flat sheets to make large custom boxes and they work really well for picture boxes. 

We started to get the cardboard sheets at Costco that they use to separate the layers of merchandise on the pallets. Usually getting a dozen was a good pull but today came up with 32. I think I will talk with the management and see if I can get on the list to take some off their hands on a regular basis. They don’t ever question me taking them and usually find a lot in the metal box bins so pretty sure they just throw them away. 

Think I got 32 in this run. One of the staff chatted with me about them and said I was doing them a favor taking them. 

Another 32 or so.  The little box is what we bought and even helped us acquire the sheets. I have to put excess in other storage unit. We are getting very efficient

New record is now 58! Have a stash (like a squirrel).  



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