eBay Followers Milestone: 200 followers

In 2021, it took me all year to get about 100 followers, I have hit 200 at middle of August 2022, so making progress. Its probably one of my more cherished metrics as it is probably one of the best indicators your doing something right (or wrong).

I am a single person operation for the most part, so my growth is only going to go so far, but I am very comfortable with the feedback I have received and think I am promoting a better atmosphere for eBay selling (or anything else I am involved in). Honesty, fairness, empathy…even today are still great behaviors. 

Boy, I printed the web page out, circled in marker, scanned it, cropped it, just for this blog post. There must be a better way!

Update: I ended the year 2022 with 288 eBay followers and hit 4000 totally item sales. Good year.



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