My Work Area for Photography of eBay Listings

I know some people go all out with light boxes and making perfect pictures for their listings. Not sure why, but I like the raw, almost a amateur look to my photos, but want them to be clear and properly represent the item for sale. I never do the masking of the background which eBay app can do. In most pictures, I keep a folded bed sheet with a light pattern for the background and as that gets dirty I simply fold it over and over to a clean section until I have to wash it. Clothing and pictures I usually just put on the sleeper sofa in my office and point the lights there. Anything large hanging goes on a door hinge to a closet and just take the pictures there…making sure to shut the door as my other half is working from home across the hall.

I broke the light I have been using…one of those high end (over priced) crafting lights (Ott or something) and found some new LED-based lights with built in diffusers which were under $75 for two and work great. Probably last years model, but the WiFi version with bigger light panels more than doubled the price. Nice quality. This new lighting will allow me to do listings after natural light has gone.

All the boxes are the weekend haul from OMT auctions that I am doing the listings for. I work almost exclusively off of my Apple iPad.

Enough for now.



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